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Please note this page may contain a range of Whistway spoilers.

Everything below is HISTORIC...........

CustardMoonboots by any other name...

Ah! Now I know :) Hiya - SunKitten
Joyful Salutations! Yes.. it is I, CustardMoonboots or as I am now more commonly known online 'Whistway'. The bizarre etymology of the name is quite different but equally silly! Hmmm… “ Quite different and equally silly” that sounds like some other people that I know! ;) - Whistway
Welcome to wiki
May your happy stay be long
And your parting cursed  --Vitenka
Many thanks :) No one has ever 'cursed my parting' before... I will try to brush my hair a different way  --Whistway

I am employed by a large mental health charity, As a service manager for a large mental health community services team in East Dorset :) I always wanted the power to make a difference... I have it now and its rather scary ;)
Is that new? Congratulations, if so :) - SunKitten
I have been in this particular role since Nov 07... but it's still pretty new - so thanks for the congratulations :) --Whistway


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