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There is an old story about the wolves:  When civilization comes to an end, Paradise will appear somewhere in the world.  However, only the wolves would know its location.  Perhaps now is the time when civilization perishes.

But the wolves are all gone, exterminated 200 years ago.

MoonShadow, trying to describe the series: Four ambiguously gay werewolves...
Later on, DouglasReay: They're wolves who can make humans see them as bishounen.

This actually looks really quite good.  Nice art and good characters, it will be interesting to see where it goes.

How much you like it will probably depend on how easily you accept the main concept.

- What do you mean?  Is the main concept less easy to accept than anything else we watch?  -- Mjb67
Different *shrug*  For a second I wasn't sure about the idea but now I think I quite like it - Kazuhiko

Personally, I have little alarm bells going off in the back of my head about the amount of yaoi fanfiction that is going to be written for this series, but thats just me.  Normal people probably won't even notice...

 - Kazuhiko  (who is seriously trying to _not_ consider the physics involved)

Having just finished ep 5 I take back all of the above and say merely...  This is _cool_ :)

I have _no_ idea where this is headed but I think I'll enjoy the journey.  Incidentally, the whole thing is set in Russia with random bits of Russian popping up around the place.

I don't usually pay attention to the fansubber but Solar/Aoshi?'s sub is _very_ good.  I can't really comment on the accuracy but the style (and the simple fact that the Russian phrases are translated) is very nice indeed.

Oh, and the bad guy (or the one we have seen so far in passing) looks like a cross between Folken and SideshowBob? :)

 - Kazuhiko

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