chronoluminaire's visual novels

Alex Churchill (chronoluminaire) has written three visual novels:
Elven Relations is Alex's largest completed visual novel, at 45000 words. It was released in March 2007, and has three romanceable girls, eight endings, a full RPG-style combat system, many event and ending CGs, and a full artwork gallery.
Mermaid Liaisons was the planned sequel to Elven Relations. It was to continue the story from Elven Relations, two years later, and have four romanceable girls including two mermaids and one returning character from Elven Relations. I wrote a lot of the script, but sadly never finished it. You can read a bit more about it on its own page.
When I Rule The World was Alex's first visual novel, created in one month in March 2005 as part of the first (Inter)National Ren'Ai Game Writing Month. It's an unconventional conspiracy-theory VN with 20000 words and four endings.
Cloud Fairy is a short visual novel, created in one week in July 2009 for the Cute, Light and Fluffy project. It only has 4000 words, but has five endings.

All four games feature beautiful full-colour character art by Sun Kitten from She's also created three webcomics and a number of other online and print manga and comics: see for more details!

All the games are written in the awesome engine Ren'Py, a superb piece of free software designed to make writing visual novels very easy.