Elven Relations II: Mermaid Liaisons

Meressa and Cerissa

Welcome! Mermaid Liaisons was a planned ren'ai game, the sequel to Elven Relations.

The Game

Two years after the events of Elven Relations, Takuya, Kei, and their friends get caught up in a new diplomatic incident, this time involving the merpeople of the Southern Ocean. The playful ranger Kei will have to negotiate with mermaids for the sake of politics and romance, and perhaps even find a girl to make him change his roving ways.

Mermaid Liaisons continues from the story of Elven Relations, and will detect which Elven Relations endings you reached, in order to continue the story from them appropriately. If Kei got together with a girl at the end of Elven Relations, then he'll start Mermaid Liaisons still with her, and the challenge will be not to find love, but to keep hold of it!

Mermaid Liaisons is a visual novel: gameplay consists of reading the text displayed, and choosing from options at certain key points. The direction of the plot and how the game ends are thus under the player's control.
It's a romantic fantasy story split into 6 anime-style episodes.

Demo title screen


A demo of the game is available! Download the demo for Windows / Linux x86 / Mac OS X (each distribution is about 10 megabytes)

Preview Art

The game is currently unlikely to be released. However, the following artwork was released on the development thread:

Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Sprites

Release Date

I'm afraid development of the game is currently on hiatus. The game's release is currently unlikely. Contact Alex for more details.

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The game is copyright Alex Churchill (chronoluminaire). All character, background and CG artwork is copyright Morag Lewis (SunKitten). For more of SunKitten's work, visit www.toothycat.net!

The game is written in Ren'Py, an engine designed to make writing visual novels and ren'ai games very easy.


The game will run on Windows, Linux x86 and Mac OS X. In all cases it will require a screen size of at least 800x600.