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Everything seems to slow down in summer. Maybe it's the heat - it's been reasonably warm recently, but worse, it's been muggy and humid that past two days (I'm hoping the thunderstorm comes soon!). In any case, comicking is slower, work seems to drag, reading takes longer... it's like time wants to go on holiday. I wouldn't mind, except that I do actually have schedules and deadlines and 'it's summer' is not a good enough excuse.

I saw the Watchmen trailer the other day. I was pretty sceptical about that particular comic to film conversion, because the Watchmen comic is very good, very complex and very depressing. I'm not sure how they're going to fit the bare plot into a film, never mind managing the emotional depth. However, the trailer is very promising - it carries the same melancholy the film does, so perhaps there is hope ^^

- Sun Kitten, 1st August '08

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