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It wasn't Moonshadow's birthday last weekend. Neither was it mine, but we had a big joint party anyway, it being an important milestone or something of the sort. We had a wonderful weekend, with amazing weather, but the main reason I'm mentioning it is because of the gifts we got - a wonderful Reya cake by Carol, and a portrait of Moonshadow and myself - and Pixel - by Emma. And I must also mention this portrait, also of Moonshadow and myself, by Faye, which was done a while ago and never put up. They are very cool :) I am getting a distinct impression of what Pixel looks like to other people ;)

Neo reviewed Ambient Rhythm volume 1 and gave it 3.5 stars - I'm so pleased :) Grab a copy of #58 and have a read ;) It's especially good because it's got a bit of Laura's short story from Drop Dead Monstrous in - the first of a few Sweatdrop comic previews. I think it came out really well :)

Finally, someone on the Sweatdrop forums linked to this very cute and very silly tea advert, which I thought funny enough to propagate. I feel like a fraud for liking bog standard tea, but I do. The caterpillars can have the posh leaves!

- Sun Kitten, 28th April '09

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