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The Cat Who Walks Through Walls from the book of the same name by Robert A. Heinlein
Also a new feline denizen of MoonShadow and SunKitten's house.
Currently very, very cute, and extremely adept at hiding under things and not coming out.

Update portrait with attractive plastic RFID tag ;)

Aww, cute -- Senji

I can only assume this leads to interesting conversations at MoonShadow's place of work...
Co-worker: "MoonShadow, we need you to work on Pixel Shaders today."

MoonShadow: "But I like her the colour she is!"

(please correct sex as required...)
That's a dangerous phrase to leave lying around the Wiki.  I believe your assessment of gender is accurate (or at least, consistent with the discussion on page MondayAnime), though.  --AC

Pinky?  Are you pondering what I'm pondering?
I think so brain, but how would we get 786432 kittens into a monitor?
(Belated) 512x512?  Odd.  --Vitenka (Or is pixel monochrome?)
1024x768, I'd guess. - MoonShadow

Having now seen Pixel, I will say that it is a very cute catten.  (I have been assured that it is too old to be a kitten, but I refuse to believe that it is a cat.)  It seems very shy, but perhaps that is due to so many people being present and it only being recently moved in to a new home.  I have yet to feel its teeth or claws, despite it not wanting to respond playfully to being stroked.  I shall have to bring cat treats.  --Vitenka

She isn't that shy, she was quite happy to sniff my finger, but did draw the line at being stroked by a stranger. This is pretty normal for a young cat that hasn't been spoiled completely to death yet. --Gwyntar

I still say it's a SacredyCat.  And, perhaps not that oddly, seems to be a not-uncommon name for net-aware cartoonist cats.  [Another pixel]  --Vitenka

R.I.P. 24/06/2010

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