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Minami was enormous fun. I didn't see much anime, which is unusual, but the two films I did see, The Sky Crawlers and Summer Wars, were both great - The Sky Crawlers in particular was excellent. I learned how to make okonomiyaki and had a fun time giving portfolio advice to some lovely people who came along to our session on Sunday. I had fun manning the Sweatdrop stall with Sonia and selling comics to people - that's always good. And I spent the entire Saturday in cosplay as Lina Inverse from Slayers. By the end of the day my shoulders hurt (not sure why, the pads weren't heavy) and my head felt itchy and hot from the wig, but it was really fun. I had a very nice Monday off work to recover (and make okonomiyaki), so all in all a good convention :)

Oh all right. There are photos: behind the Sweatdrop stall and in the hall.

- Sun Kitten, 20th April '10

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