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A Fantasy style anime.  Its chief strengths are characters and humour:


Yes.  Yes he is.  --Vitenka (even when he's being surprisingly smart)

There are a host of minor characters - I really can't be bothered to name them all. [Slayers Universe] has a wonderful listing and also a lot of Slayers lore and backstory. It probably contains spoilers, though. I have tried to keep them out of this.

Finally, one last character (from the movies, pre-series):


Very funny. Slayers does have a (good) plot but it'd be fair to say that most of the series is humour rather than pertaining to plot. That does not mean it's not worth watching - all three series are extremely funny. Great for relief during exam season.

Other comments

Lots of good Slayers fanfiction out there. Try [A Flower Whose Name I Don't Know Yet ] (spoilers) or any of Stefan Gagne's stuff [here] or [Circle's Edge] (also spoilers).

On other thing - the writer of Slayers has famously said that he did not intend to create a romance. However, there are fans at each other's throats about whether Lina goes better with Gourry or Zelgadis, or whether Amelia and Zelgadis have a chance. There are all kinds of combinations, but if you suggest Lina is better with Zelgadis to the wrong fan, your life is in danger.

Slayers has a huge fanbase and a ginormous background of lore about history, magic and whatever else you please. The [Slayers Universe] is a good place to start.
Slayers also has an RPG. I haven't seen the book, but I have seen an advert for it whitch has got me curious. --Steve 
The slayers RPG is, I think, RandomAnime? - or at least suffers from all of that lines flaws.  In other words, it is very pretty - but contains little or no actual information.  A few stats and an CategoryAnime/EpisodeSynopsis is about all.  --Vitenka


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