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Nothing much to say today, and nothing except the new strip to offer - sorry  ^^;;

Our Rising Stars of Manga entry is proceeding apace, as they say - amid much cursing when I find out all over again just how truly rubbish my scanner can be when it puts its mind to it. Two pages, same ink, same nib, same pattern (basic wood grain), same scanner settings - one page comes out perfectly, the other page I may as well not have bothered with doing the grain in the first place. Gah.

I got a new pen and nibs the other day (from dinkybox, which is a very friendly site), and this was the cause of much rejoicing (yes, things are slow round here). It was a Deleter nib holder and two types of nibs; the G-Pen and the maru nib. The maru nib is oh, so fine, and so nice to use, but I can't use it on this comic because I already started it (and the maru nib is so fine I'm a little scared the scanner won't pick it up!). One of the major annoyances with the art in Artifaxis and Looking for the Sun has been the thickness of the lines forced by the size of the nib I was using (there were smaller, but we didn't get on well) so maybe now things will look better. In any case, I'm looking forward to playing with it :)

One last request - does anyone have any ideas for a short strip (no more than a page, four panels is good), based on fantasy or science-fiction, preferably amusing in content? The CUSFS magazine is being prepared and I'd love to contribute but am rubbish at thinking up good, short, funny ideas, especially on such short notice. Obviously, you'd be credited. Thanks!

- Sun Kitten, 9th September '05

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