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Issue Three

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[8th July] 03_01

Nice touch, that last frame... --CH
It is, yes.  Re the discussion at the bottom - roughly six billion people woke up yesterday and decided not to kill anyone.  Glass is plenty full.  --Vitenka

[12th July] 03_02

Just to check - rounded corners are thought-processes, yes? --CH
Generally indicative of flashbacks. I'm not promising infallibility, though - I almost forgot this one ^^;; - SunKitten
I hadn't even spotted the rounded corners... but I'm still confused by this issue.  To me, it reads: It's nighttime & they're falling asleep by a campfire. Black-haired guy looks pensive.  Blonde girl is crying herself to sleep. Black-haired guy looks pensively at blonde girl. [Insert frame of another(?) black-haired guy looking pensive]. Black-haired guy looks pensive.  Blonde girl is (probably) asleep.
I feel I'm missing some subtext... --M-A
This is just one page, remember. And having had two issues of setting the scene within Ember, we'll need some scenes to realise what it's like Outside. It's not clear whether the flashback is in Miriam's or Rua's mind - it does look like Rua, you're right, which would suggest the latter. But I'd say give SunKitten some time to build the atmosphere of the new setting. Not every frame needs speech. --AlexChurchill
OK, I phrased my point very badly.  I'll try again.  Panel 3 doesn't do anything - you can see the same expression on his face in panel 2.  Panel 4 could also be incorporated into a "zoomed in" panel 2. Panels 5 & 6 (& 7) - fine, something is going on.  Panel  8 - nothing new here.  There's a lot of redundancy, which isn't actually building up atmosphere.  "They're outside near moutains; he's moody and reflective; she's crying herself to sleep," doesn't need 8 panels.
But that's not to say it's not beautifully drawn... :) --M-A
Mmm, okay, point taken. It looks to me like he's smiling at Miriam in frame 3, and frowning at a memory in frame 7. But we shall have to wait for some later clarification. It could also be that next page is a different setting: SunKitten's said before she doesn't like splitting one page across two settings unless it's a deliberate contrast. --AC
Actually, there is something new in panel 8 - /Miriam? has been covered with /Rua?'s coat. --CH
Goodness, you're right. How did I miss that? --AC

[15th July] 03_03

Nyuk, nyuk. Entertaining. BTW, in panels 2 and 3, but not the final panel, Miriam's face looks much paler than normal, almost white. --AC
Bizarre. You're right, but it's precisely the same marker in both >.< - SunKitten

[19th July] 03_04

[22nd July] 03_05

Ew, messy. --CH

[26th July] 03_06

Ah, this must be Stealing-From-Myself Dibberlar. --CH
Nyehe. Some stereotypes are very hard not to use :) - SunKitten

[29th July] 03_07

oooh-key, this is gonne being....interesting...[sweatdop]
p.s. those saryth keyrings are mine! MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE! [ahem]macloud

[2nd August] 03_08

Ooh. McGuffin info time? Or more likely, just a little hint or two... --AlexChurchill

[5th August] 03_09

Once again with the pretty picture of Saryth! What are the lyrics? They seem to be in a very - um, lyrical - language, but I can't make out all the handwriting, and I couldn't translate it if I could. --ChrisHowlett
They are [these], though only part of the lyrics occurs in the artwork. - MoonShadow
Ah, I don't think I've ever seen handwritten Russian before. The "Robo Translate" button on that page gives a passable impression of translation - enough to see that it is indeed very pretty - but could you possibly try to render them into understanable English for us? --CH
Amongst the worlds, amidst the shimmering lights[1]
I keep repeating the name of a particular star
It's not that I'm in love with her
It's just that with all the others it's dark.

And whenever there is heaviness on my heart

It is her alone I come to for answers
Not because from her comes light
But because when one is with her, none is needed.

[1] Word meaning "star" and also "person from whom enlightenment comes"
Wow... lovely... :) --AC

This whole scene is wonderfully entertaining. Miriam in her towel and the little thief who got into the city somehow. And one can't help but wonder whether the non-specific language in which they're talking is leaving room for some misunderstanding... Probably not, but I always try to think of these things when people spend lots of time talking about something unspecified. --AC

[9th August] 03_10

Ah, so 03_05 happened in the new city? Interesting. I'd assumed it was in Ember, and the object was the artifact in general question. The latter may still be true of course. Mmm, speculation. Have we had a name for the new city yet, incidentally? --CH
Triaden 03_01 - SunKitten
Ah, thanks. Although I can't actually see a mention of that name in that strip... --CH
Sorry, wrong one (I forgot there was an interlude Outside) - try 03_03 - SunKitten

[12th August] 03_11

Cute :)  The outfit that is...  The magical girl is just scary :) --K
I was about to say -- the outfit suits her... -- Senji

[16th August] 03_12

On the Mary-Sue litmus test, Rain scored 13 (Non-Sue), Miriam 8 (Anti-Sue) and Rua got 30, making him a Borderline-Sue. Never mind.. :) - SunKitten

[19th August] 03_13

[23rd August] 03_14

BwaHaHaHa! Rua speaks the truth! :D --AC (Also: I spotted that Purgatory comic you drew at the SweatDrop table at AyaCon. It looks good, if a little distressing.)

[26th August] 03_15

Wow, Miriam in hypercute mode is scary. And yet... cute... Also: two input dials and one output, eh? Also: that LftS picture is really cute! And I do like the blue effect. Re the spoiler in it, and your comments, I was vaguely thinking they might use magic to do something about that? (Trying to avoid spoilers myself) --AlexChurchill (having to teach Dasher my name as a WikiWord again on my new computer)
Well... I can't really respond without spoilers, can I? ;) - SunKitten

[30th August] 03_16

[2nd September] 03_17

Some of those blue-and-black drawings are lovely, particularly the spellcasting pose and the big smile at the bottom. And on the LftS Amazon page, I'm rather entertained by the results of clicking the large "Morag Lewis" link at the top! The Artifaxis action scene itself is very dynamic, although I'm ashamed to admit that as with most manga action scenes, I found it rather hard to tell what was going on. --AC

[5th September] 03_18

[9th September] 03_19

Still watching the story with not much to say :)  Re the question, the two SciFi ideas I've got boiling are Vitenka/Phagocyte? and something where your early warning sattelite exists five minutes into the future and warns you by collapsing its timeline.  Can't figure anything to do with that second one, though.  --Vitenka

[13th September] 03_20

Seems like really a fairly short visit to Triaden. --AC

[16th September] 03_21

[20th September] 03_22

[23rd September] 03_23

[27th September] 03_24

[30th September] 03_25

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