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There are a lot of very pretty mangas coming out at the moment. I tend to read other peoples' copies, and recently I read Tarot Cafe, which is not only very pretty but also seems to have an underlying plot (and lots of individual stories as well, which is a good mix). The ink work is beautiful, and after I finished reading the 3 volumes that currently exist, I drew this, which I was quite pleased with, although it's far from Tarot Cafe standards. Moonshadow called it gratuitous (he doesn't even have his collar undone! ;). I was most pleased with the boots, though, randomly. Must practice more - I like using the new pen nibs.

I received a very sad spam today (I think it was a spam, because the name of the product was misspelt in the title). It was advertising 'Corel Paint Shop Pro X'  ;_;

- Sun Kitten, 16th September '05

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