Artifaxis is updated on Tuesday and Friday

In case anyone missed it, Looking for the Sun 15 went up in the wee small hours of Sunday morning. It's even got a cover too (there's a print run deadline is looming). In addition, the index pages for both Looking for the Sun and Artifaxis have been embellished with chibis. Chibis make a page bouncier  ^.^

Deadlines are easing off to the point where I'm thinking a little about T-shirts and similar things. Any suggestions for things to put on a Looking for the Sun or Artifaxis T-shirt will be gratefully received. Maybe Tickly Evil would work (chibis again) :)

I'm also wondering about fonts. I use/d Tempus Sans ITC for Phoenix Feathers, Looking for the Sun and Artifaxis, and I like it, but it's not a standard comic font. I don't really want to change Looking for the Sun now, but I could change the Artifaxis font, since there's no book yet. The main advantage would be being able to fit more text into a smaller space, since all-caps comic fonts are much more efficient than something like Tempus Sans. Again, any thoughts welcome.

- Sun Kitten, 11th October '05

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