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Issue Four

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[4th October] 04_01

You call it photogenic, and claim that it "suits light" rather than photography. --CH

[7th October] 04_02

Good as ever. Minor niggle - in frame 6, /Rua? appears to be saying one of /Miriam?'s lines - the "Yes, although I never knew that" bubble points at Rua. --CH
You're quite right. OK, fixed now - thanks :) - SunKitten

[11th October] 04_03

2nd panel - "she"?  I thought Rain was male, despite appearances... --M-A

[14th October] 04_04

[18th October] 04_05

BwaHaHaHa! Good stuff. Thus writes a scientist :) (and newly qualified so, too - congrats!). Are they getting on one another's nerves while travelling around? Still, interesting to get a little background on Rua. --AlexChurchill

[21st October] 04_06

[25th October] 04_07

Aww - I was doing so well at following the story!  But I can't remember who these characters are...  --M-A
That's the introduction of Arram, somewhat badly drawn. See the character page for important people - SunKitten
So they're both new characters, the blonde one too?  --M-A
Well yes, but the blond has about as much a part in the story as the Rain's little thief friend from the second issue (02_07) - SunKitten
Excellent.  So I hadn't lost track of the characters after all... :)  I shall continue on...

[28th October] 04_08

[1st November] 04_09

[4th November] 04_10

It's such fun watching the three of them interact :) And Rua continues to be exceedingly cool. Naturally ;) --AC
Will you be starting a [RuaFanClub], then?  I'm sure T-shirts could be done ;) --MJ

[8th November] 04_11

Eerie black-cloaked Borg-like AssassinsGuild kind of figure! I especially like that the cloak is completely matt - no hint of fabric anywhere; the wearer just seems to be a hole in reality. Creepy... --CH
Aaaand M-A gives up again on following all the characters and their goings-on.  Shame, I thought it would be easier to keep track of everything when reading it all in one sitting.
OK, trying again - is the purple-haired chap a new character here?  He looks slightly familiar.  And Arram is a detective and outside of the law and a notary?  --M-A
Oooooohhhhh, OK - the purple-haired chap is Arram again - with the lack of speech bubble pointers, I got the whole conversation back-to-front!

[11th November] 04_12

[15th November] 04_13

[18th November] 04_14

[22nd November] 04_15

Mmm, much plot! Also, I bet you had fun drawing that Device(TM) :) --AC
Yup ^^ Anyone got any guesses as to its function? - SunKitten
Is there a correct answer? --CH
strip.html still has the previous comic on it... --M-A
Fixed. - MoonShadow
Duh. Sorry, late night -.- - SunKitten

[25th November] 04_16

He's good. And I agree that it's a good rendition of Arram. Oh, and gentle sounds of cornflour being added to the plot... --CH
That took me a while to get... :) - SunKitten
I agree he's good. But I think this issue's more of a summary of plot than a thickening particularly... --AC (who, re SunKitten's comment about plotting things out on cycle, has found with NaNoWriMo that the time to think about where the plot is going next is invaluable: trying to write too much without intervening times to figure out where things are going just doesn't work, for me)
I think he's taking Rin's role - trying to keep track of what different characters know, what I know and what the readers know is actually really rather hard over several years. Rin's summaries were very useful (because being the investigator, she was the awkward one whose knowledge kept expanding) and I can see Arram having a similar role, at least for now.
With respect to plotting - yes, absolutely. I also find that trying to extend the plot past where it wants to be doesn't work - I have to wait for chunks to become clear (which is partly why I still don't know how many pages LookingForTheSun 16 has - I know what happens, but my imagination has not seen fit to reveal exactly how it all pans out past page 17) - SunKitten

[29th November] 04_17

[2nd December] 04_18

[6th December] 04_19

I'm going for "PhoenixFeathers and Artifaxis characters as children." Or at least as Chibis. --CH
I was thinking "toothycat.net reminiscences". --AC

"Warm memories of a winters day".  (Humm, that would have been good in DuctTapeAndTheForce.)  --Vitenka  (Love the 'outgrown his flightsuit' bit)
Alex is right, although Vitenka's comment is nicely lyrical :) - SunKitten
Aww, I was going for a theme of fire - we start off with snow and we end up with a wrapped phoenix present.  --Vitenka

[9th December] 04_20

[13th December] 04_21

Hehehehehe! - this really made me chuckle - thankyou (I've had a rotten day!) - Velvetsteph

[16th December] 04_22

[20th December] 04_23

The gender of Rain would be nice; every time I think he/she is one, something makes me suspicious that she/he might be the other. --CH
MuHaHaHa - SunKitten
Oh dear. You mean Rain's a Vaarsuvius? --CH

[23rd December] 04_24

[27th December] 04_25

[30th December] 04_26

Wonderful work on the dolls! I'm so impressed. A weird but inspired gift. As for the story itself, love the creepy black-caped "Notaries". Interesting that Arram used to be a flyer (although that was hinted at by 04_11 the last time we saw them...)  Must avoid mentally inserting what I know of the LookingForTheSun "Flyers" into my mental model of the Artifaxis story! --AC, who is starting to want PhoenixFeathersComments-style subpages for keeping track of, and speculating about, the Artifaxis plot and backstory :)
Ah, I did ask for the dolls :) Thanks - you can see them on Wednesday (you won't have a choice ;). As for sub-pages - it's a wiki; help yourself ;) - SunKitten
Oh, I fully plan to :) --AC

[3rd January] 04_27

I can see the quandary re the LookingForTheSun omake. I might be inclined towards putting it at the back of issue 3... possibly with #2 next to it :) --AC
If "#2" is the second omake added, the braids one (which is actually number 3 ^^;;), that's going in the back of volume 2, next to an ink sketch of Aeryn (the one in the gallery). Omake 2 is partway complete, and will go in the front of volume 2. Omake 4 is what will go in the front of volume 3, and that's the one I'm a little dubious about - SunKitten
I see. So Vol #2 has Omake #2 at the front. Does Omake #2 only feature characters from Vol #1 (so it will make sense to those reading in chronological order)? Does Vol #1 have Omake #1 at the front? Regardless, I could certainly see the argument for putting Omake #3 at the back of Vol #3 rather than at the front. --AC
Yes. Omake 2 features Kite and Saryth alone, Omake 3, at the back of volume 2, features Aeryn as well; 4 is just Kite and Saryth again (not that anyone reading volume 1 would know the characters in the first omake.. :). I like having them in the intro, though - otherwise it's just a hunk of text - SunKitten, picky

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