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I made a new banner today, so if anyone wants to link to us with something not specifically linked to Phoenix Feathers, it's here.

The Stop At Red campaign was brought to my attention the other day, and I think it's worth mentioning. People who cycle straight through red traffic lights and generally ignore the rules of the road and the safety of other road users, never mind their own personal safety, bring a bad reputation to cyclists in general and make for a much less pleasant environment. And they really, really get on my nerves! It's only a matter of time before I snap and start shouting at the idiots who cycle after dark with no lights (what are they thinking?!). I'll no doubt get into trouble that way eventually. Anyway, the campaign simply asks cyclists to pledge to stop at red lights, so I'm all for signing up to it and generally plugging it :)

- Sun Kitten, 10th March '06

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