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Issue Five

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[6th January] 05_01

Well, the new font does look jarring after the old one, but I'm sure I'll get used to it quickly. Do I take your comment as implying you're planning to redo the Artifaxis pages in the new font? That would make sense. As for LftS: yay, Jig, yay :) And that sketch of her is beautiful. --AC
I'll only redo text for the book. I hope it works.. *worries* - SunKitten

[10th January] 05_02

I really, really want to know what a "love horry night" is.
love horry = lovely? [pronounced phonetically]
the poem puzzles me, will look into... macloud

Sorry - just went through all my nursery rhyme books... The only thing I can think of is 'twas the night before christmas' but I can't remember all of it. - Hoshi-Chan
I wondered about Little Jack Horner, and MoonShadow suggested Silent Night, but neither seem to quite fill the bill.. - SunKitten
Kazuhiko's brain just clicked into "Love Hoarry Night" = "O Holy Night"... (unfortunately, in my brain, Cartman is singing it >.<)''
Given the picture you mention, I'm put in mind of "The Queen of Hearts she baked some tarts/ All on a summer's day./ The Knave of Hearts he stole those tarts/ And took them all away" - but I can't link that the love horry night, I'm afraid. --CH
The Queen of Hearts - complete with tarts - is the goal of the game, so I don't think that one can be right, although they are close - SunKitten

[13th January] 05_03

BwaHaHaHa! --AC

[17th January] 05_04

Surely this one could also have been entitled, "Tickly Evil"?  --Vitenka
That would be a really neat way of getting a kitten. --CH

[20th January] 05_05

Hmm. So Rua is an illegal immigrant simply by virtue of being an immigrant. Interesting. BTW, I feel compelled to point out that the shininess and general shapes and design of the clothes and cups and things are very impressive. You've surpassed yourself again with the art in this chapter. --AC
*^^* - SunKitten

[24th January] 05_06

There's a missing space in the speech bubble in panel 3. --AC
ARGH! I'd *fixed* that! :( MoonShadow
Bother, sorry - they got reuploaded when I jiggled the names around, and I fixed the master *after* I'd reuploaded the web images :( - SunKitten
Now sorted - SunKitten
I'd call [this guy] something like a "rogue", possibly "space rogue". And he looks really really cool ^^ --AC
Taking a leaf from the Star Wars D20 RolePlaying system (such as used in KnightsOfTheOldRepublic?), I'd say he could be a "Scoundrel". Although Rogue works too. --CH
Pshaw. The only true Star Wars game is the one from West End.

[27th January] 05_07

[31st January] 05_08

[3rd February] 05_09

[7th February] 05_10

A year old? Really? Wow. Nice last panel, by the way, I really like it. --CH

Yay! It's a Mirror dinghy! --Requiem
It is. Mine, in fact. Her colour was a running joke in my old club. Rua's version is a bit bigger than your average Mirror, though, never mind the runners :) - SunKitten

[10th February] 05_11

[14th February] 05_12

Aww. Poor Arram! You've got to feel sorry for the guy... After managing to get out of jail, he gets given really weak coffee! --AC

[17th February] 05_13

Fascinating questions. I think it's true that "treasure is that thing or things on which most time, money, care and concern are spent", even if it's not necessarily valid to say "where your heart is, there lies your treasure". (I've heard it preached that Jesus? specifically phrased it that way round and not the other way round.) I certainly do think you can learn to love (in the practical sense of agape) by doing loving things. --AC

...you can't help who you fall in love with. You can care for someone, you can respect or admire someone but that is not love, parts of it but not the force that pulls you towards or drives you apart. Love is either there or its not, going through the motions won't create what isn't there. That said, that which you hold in your heart, friends, family, lovers and faith, are the greatest treasures of all. They are yours and yours alone, and place there is the greatest gift one can give. imho "love isn't love which alters when it alteration finds" isho Hoshi-Chan

The love I was referring to is not the romantic attraction that we call falling in love. That's created by a combination of many things, and is indeed mostly uncontrollable. At least, I didn't mean that entirely. I have never gone out with a guy I fell for first. Any love I felt came later, as a result of deepening friendship and spending time together. I think what I meant when I said "If love can be defined as a practical caring for someone, can one learn to love a person.." is can one learn to appreciate someone as a human being, can one learn to put them first, to be willing to put oneself out for them - to do it spontaneously, and not out of duty. That sort of thing is a necessary component of romantic relationships, but has a wider range than that - family, friends, etc, and it's hard work. It's not something that comes easily. At least, I think I can be very selfish in relationships, and I need to watch that tendency. So would practicing that sort of attitude, that sort of love, produce a genuine, long-lasting change? - SunKitten

I thought thats what you meant, for me they're one and the same or very very close. Same goes for friends, once you're instilled it takes alot (as you know from the problems I've had with one "friend") for me to say enough. In my vague attempt at an answer, yes you can change and learn to be less selfish, but thats human nature, growing as a person. I have a lot of admiration for who you are and I wish I could be more like you in lots of ways. But then like I said you learn more of yourself from those around you, who you are and who you want to become. And, the love between partners is different and uniquly yours. Sorry not too good with words...being an English teacher and literist. hoshix

[21st February] 05_14

Ah, that uniform that I saw you colouring is Rua! I thought it was your space rogue guy again. --AC
I don't think I'll be drawing him again. I don't know how much he belongs to me, really.. - SunKitten

[24th February] 05_15

[28th February] 05_16

You have a policy on chair colour? *boggle* --CH

Mmm, a good pair of strips. A nice combination of the 24th's mounting tension and hints that there are lessons back in Ember for the party's current concerns, with today's sweet enjoying of the world even despite its problems. That is, unless the final frame's comment has some follow-up next page, which it looks like it could. --AC

[3rd March] 05_17

[7th March] 05_18

[10th March] 05_19

[14th March] 05_20

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