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Bristol Comic Expo was good fun. I managed to get a fair amount done while there, due at least in part to having forgotten to bring a second book. I finished the first one on the first night, and was very annoyed with myself for not bringing the sequel. The Expo itself was quite fun, although there's always less to do at these sorts of events than at more traditional anime conventions. We did a panel along with a gentleman from Tokyopop and the people from Boychild Productions, plus a more traditional workshop the following day - at both, the audience were fantastic, getting very involved - we hardly had to talk at all! London Expo is next, in just two weeks' time.

We came back to find this lovely piece of work waiting for us - a fan art of Kite, by Cin. He's given her an adorably cute expression. Cin is the author of the webcomic Duel Class, which I read all through just the other day - it's good fun and well worth a read. I'm rather amused that Kite has now overtaken Saryth in the fanart stakes - I wonder how representative that is of their overall popularity.

- Sun Kitten, 16th May '06

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