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Issue Six

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[17th March] 06_01

Excellent timing :) --K

[21st March] 06_02

Very pretty pastel pictures. Lovely pic of Rain (even if it does want to elicit cries of ThatCannotBeMale). And wonderfully moody one of Rua too. --AC
See the exchange under 20th December on /Issue04. And yes, pastel seems to suit you very well! --CH

[24th March] 06_03

No, I think you've got every reason to be happy with Rua's expressions over the past couple of pages. Excellent stuff :) --AC

[28th March] 06_04

[31st March] 06_05

Woah. Is that city held up by the kites, and then down by the ropes? Or is it technomagical? If the former, what happens when the wind dies down? --CH
All will be revealed - in this case, at least ;) - SunKitten
Random guess - it stays up by magnetic repulsion, and the ropes and kites are to stop it flipping. --Edwin

[4th April] 06_06

Prologue?  Where did that come from?  Have I been missing it all this time? --M-A
Looks like it. It was done as a free ashcom for the release of issue 1 at Minami last year (we flooded the place), and has been on the site for around a year, where it is now :) - SunKitten
Ooh, I remember it now that I reread it, but I'd forgotten that I'd read it up to this point... I might have remembered the window, but the bed just confused me :) --AC

[7th April] 06_07

[11th April] 06_08

I'm confused. Last we saw of the trio, weren't they standing on a beach beneath Sarani waiting to climb up to it (via the cliff) for the Doctor to meet her contact? --CH
Yes, indeed.  I have so totally lost track of any part of the storyline - I'm going to read it all again and see if I can work out what's going on... --M-A
Yeay, I know what's going on now!  I may start adding some notes on new sub-pages of Artifaxis... --M-A

Seems to make a reasonable amount of sense to me (having, admittedly, just reread about five previous pages before this one - but I have to do that with all webcomics). While the camera was off them, they went up into Sarani and introduced Miriam to her contact. Now the others are either leaving or waiting for her, and doing some musing about one another's motivations while they do so. --AC
While you can work out what's happened offstage, up 'till now it's seemed that Miriam's story was the main story we were following.  Suddenly, a key plot point ("Miriam meets her contact in Sarani") has happened offstage... so the reader has to re-evaluate what the Main Point of the story is. --M-A

[14th April] 06_09

[17th April] 06_10

[21st April] 06_11

I'd vote for options 1 or 3; it's not like the plot's as slow as MegaTokyo, and people still read that :)
That's cool - but MegaTokyo has a number of things Artifaxis does not. Thanks, though - SunKitten
I'm happy with the current setup. Telling a comic in page-by-page form is inherently slow. I wouldn't object to either 2 or 3, but I do love the current artwork. As DouglasHofstadter? would say, remember that a comic is as much about its artwork as its story :) --AC

[25th April] 06_12

This strip is, in fact, a good demonstration that you like hands. Nice expressive gestures on the tea-mugs. --CH

Wow, I got behind by several strips. Lots of points of discussion in the comments at the bottom :) In this case, the manga vs anime issue: I find that I do prefer anime to manga, but for some reason I find it much easier to spend a half-hour reading a manga volume than to spend the same half-hour watching an anime episode. Perhaps it's that I can read manga lying in bed before I go to sleep, and so can more naturally "fit it in". But I know what you mean about preferring the anime to the manga - that's the case for me in most cases where a series has both forms. For me it's most often a case of it clearer what's happening in the anime than in the manga form. Although movement and colour certainly do add a lot also, which brings me on to your thoughts about Artifaxis from the previous page: please don't go to black and white! The wonderful sepia-style colouring of Artifaxis is excellent, even if it must be time-consuming. --AC

[28th April] 06_13

*blink*  Suddenly it feels like we're in a Final Fantasy... --K
or a very weird session of WarHammer? 40,000 --macloud
This was not entirely unprecedented.. ;) - SunKitten
Hmm. Hint alert, hint alert! Can anyone find something in the archives with some resemblance to this creature or anything similar? (unless SK meant it was weird sessions of WarHammer? 40000 which weren't unprecedented... <.< ) --AC

[2nd May] 06_14

[5th May] 06_15

She's lovely! you've really captured a sense of 'mischeivious intellect', very coy expressions - was that the idea or have I gone off on a tangent? & I likes stories! Hoshi-Chan
Me too, what she said. A funky new character indeed :) --AC
That was the idea - good, I'm glad she works. Thanks ^^ - SunKitten

[9th May] 06_16

[12th May] 06_17

[16th May] 06_18

[19th May] 06_19

[23rd May] 06_20

[26th May] 06_21

[30th May] 06_22

[2nd June] 06_23

[6th June] 06_24

[9th June] 06_25

[13th June] 06_26

Wonderful description of the scene. That makes me wish I was on the Scotland trip with you :) --AC

[16th June] 06_27

Wow, a truly distressing expression on her face to end the issue with. I've been wondering quite what the allegiance and plans of this mysterious woman are for some time, and this just heightens the unease. Good stuff! --AC

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