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Today was a magical day. Today, I walked into our overheated building to feel a breeze on my face. I opened the door to our office to find a portable (for some value of the word 'portable') air conditioner sitting blowing cold, cold air into the little room. Now even when stuffed with scientists, it stays cool in there. Bliss!

Pity I spent most of the day in the lab. Oh well..

Besides the air conditioner, I am also happy because Mathew sent me the coloured version of his Arram :)

To those readers who have read both Phoenix Feathers and Artifaxis, which one is the more confusing, and why do you think that is so? I had a lot more storylines to manage in Phoenix Feathers, but I don't remember many people getting confused with them all (although that could just be my memory). What would help, in Artifaxis' case? (it's a bit late for Phoenix Feathers ;) ).

- Sun Kitten, 21st July '06

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