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Issue Seven

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[20th June] 07_01

[23rd June] 07_02

[27th June] 07_03

[30th June] 07_04

Random sketches good! (Also head-on-desk pose good!) --CH
Random Sketches FTW - always want to see what you've drawn - Hoshi-Chan
Yes, well, I'm not going to be putting up a fair few of them, given your wilful desire to read bad things into them . ;) - SunKitten
The sketches are very cool. I particularly like [the Chezya headshot] and the [random elf girl]. --AC

[4th July] 07_05

[7th July] 07_06

[11th July] 07_07

[14th July] 07_08

May I offer congratulations on your sailing dinghy? Nice amount of detail in his tacking! --CH
Thank you :) Having unusual hobbies is surprisingly helpful when drawing comics.. ^^;; - SunKitten
I didn't know you sailed? --CH
From when I was 15 until I went to university. I own a Mirror dinghy which hasn't seen the water for far too long. One day I'll get round to revarnishing and repainting her, and actually do some more sailing, since I do miss it - SunKitten
How much of Artifaxis is in print? I'm getting so confused reading it online, I need to read it in larger quantities. How many issues are there for me to buy? --AC
Five currently, the entirety of volume 1. There will eventually be graphic novels, but I have a severe case of procrastination with respect to them. I won't be printing any more single issues. Issues 1-3 can be bought in a handy pack with extra bits for a bit less money than they'd cost separately - SunKitten

[18th July] 07_09

If it's any consolation I'll be out in the heat again today and tomorrow and the next day... trying to contain, organise, and entertain 60 odd foreign students (sp on all - sorry!)-Hoshi-Chan

[21st July] 07_10

I found PhoenixFeathers easier to follow, but I don't think it's a property of the comic. The difference is that I didn't stumble across PhoenixFeathers until it was nearly finished, so when I was reading it all the previous strips were fresh in my mind. --Edwin
It possibly helped that in pf generally each plot had characters that plot belonged to - and those characters were all introduced right at the start.  No idea whether that's true or not, but it sprang to mind.  --Vitenka

I found PhoenixFeathers much easier to follow.  My best guess as to why: in Artifaxis, most of the plot happens in the dialog, rather than the action.  So, in PhoenixFeathers, it didn't matter if you didn't follow every nuance of what the characters were referring to (from comics many months previous), but in Artifaxis you need an encyclopedic knowledge of every line of dialog said so far to keep track of the back references.  Or you need to read all the pages really quickly (a few times), so it'll work better in print.  So, who's the audience for Artifaxis? Print, or webcomic?

P.S. Unfortunately, I found myself echoing Rain's final question in today's comic - "Hmm?  Did something significant happen on the raft?  Now I'll have to re-read that bit again..." --M-A
It was meant to be both. Doesn't seem to be working :/ I did think, though, that most of the plot in PhoenixFeathers is dialogue-based, but perhaps it's more reinforced by the actions than in Artifaxis. And certainly what happened on the raft is shown by pictures and not by words.. - SunKitten
OK, having re-read it - the raft is the flying thing, which Rua lost control of as the sun set and it crashed.  Rain was there at the time - why doesn't she know what happened?  She doesn't look that ill, apart from that she's lying down... ;) And Miriam wasn't exactly short with Rua - it came across more as confused and shocked by the crash landing.  So why is Rain commenting on it?  Did something significant happen that I can't fathom? --M-A
No - the raft is the big conglomeration of floating things on which Miriam talked to the scientist with orange hair and read stuff in the library. That might be where you're going wrong ^^;; - SunKitten

[25th July] 07_11

[28th July] 07_12

I do like your five-page thingummy, although it clearly shows my ignorance of teas. The only ones I recognised were Arl Grey and Assam. I also like the full colour version of Kite - and I'm also intrigued as to how MoonShadow produced the background, as I've never got the hang of C's ability to (call libraries which can) draw stuff. --CH
[LibPNG] makes the mechanics trivial. Then one does a bit of trig to divide a circle into random segments and determine which segment each pixel in the image falls into, and that's pretty much it. I can post the source if people really are interested, but there's very little to it. - MoonShadow
Ooh, a PNG library. That would help (as a brief aside, I was always very pleased with PHP's amount of image support. I wrote a [SIRDS] generator in it once). I now hit my other issue - complete lack of graphical talent. --CH
The other teas are Rooibosch (which is a bit unusual), Darjeeling and Ceylon :) - SunKitten
Ah, I see. I was applying an insufficiently Japanese accent to the R-L morphism. Also, I would never have got Rooibosch. --CH

[1st August] 07_13

[4th August] 07_14

Thanks for the recap. :) --M-A
You're welcome :) It's not really a recap - much of what she's saying has only been implied in the comic before. She had to work through it anyway - SunKitten

[8th August] 07_15

Double You Tee Eff?  --Vitenka

I was on a Narrow Boat last week too! We went round the Warwickshire ring, and stopped in the middle of Birmingham for a night (I'm on holiday- don't expect me to remember which). Cool if I had seen you... do I remember seeing someone sitting on the bow reading that book? ...maybe. --Fer
Coincidence! Didja take any photos? - MoonShadow
Nope. I always forget- but I always think that I should take more photos... I need to practice remembering. Plenty of the scouts did I'm sure, whether they're anything more than silly group photos though... What was your boat called? That could trigger me remembering if I saw you at all. --Fer
[Lord Portal], of all things. - MoonShadow
Which canal were you on? macloud
We started in Alvechurch, went down to Hatton, back up to the Lapworth junction, down to Stratford then back to Alvechurch. So we were on the Worcester canal, the Stratford canal and briefly on the Grand Union canal. - MoonShadow

[11th August] 07_16

[15th August] 07_17

Ah, the drama :) - SunKitten

[18th August] 07_18

[22nd August] 07_19

[25th August] 07_20

Judo, yes? In which case, that's a really good set of drawings of it! --CH
No, I've never done Judo - but thanks ^^ - SunKitten
Hmm. I guess the use of the foot is not especially Judish. It is a very nice hip-throw, though. --CH
The takedown part is very reminiscent of an Ikkyo variant (Aikido) - but whatever, NICE action scene.  Things seem to move, and it looks realistic.  --Vitenka

Excellent reviews for LookingForTheSun - well done!  I confess that I haven't kept up with the storyline, but it's looking good. :) --M-A

[29th August] 07_21

[1st September] 07_22

[5th September] 07_23

[8th September] 07_24

[12th September] 07_25

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