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I have a slight problem, and it's to do with Facebook. I don't have a Facebook account, for the same reason I don't have a DeviantArt account, or a SheezyArt account, and so on - it's just another thing to keep tabs on (literally), waste time on and monitor occasionally. But last week, I got an invite from possibly my oldest friend, who coincidentally went to the same University as me but dropped out of touch around my third year. I'd really like to get in touch with her again, but she's invited me to join Facebook, and I really, truly don't want to. I had a look at Moonshadow's account, and for a few minutes it didn't seem too bad - I mean, I can add people to my friends list, and see! There's a happy list of people who are my friends, and they say what they're doing, and isn't it fun? But I thought about it for a bit, and I realised I'd only treat it the way I treat our LiveJournal - we have it to read other people's posts, not to post ourselves. Although I read a lot of blogs, I rarely contribute anything, mainly because I don't think anyone would be interested (I'm aware that makes no sense, since I enjoy reading about the minutiae of my friends' lives). I lurk on the edges of the blogosphere and occasionally dip my toes in. And so the attraction of Facebook waned, because I enjoy my friends' writing, their descriptions of what they do and why, not their jotted notes. And because, of course, I don't need an electronic list of any sort to tell me who my friends are. I am no more or less friends with someone if we have friended each other on Facebook - or LiveJournal either. So there doesn't seem to be much point - I wouldn't get much from reading it, either by way of entertainment or friendship, nor would anyone else get much from my having one (and unlike LiveJournal, I can't piggyback Moonshadow's. I would if I could). In a slightly irrational miserly way, then, I'm not going to waste electrons and sign up; I've got enough accounts on enough forums as it is, and I barely use the vast majority of them.

That said, I still have to think about my friend - who could have just emailed me, but didn't, I don't know why. Perhaps I shall join, get her to give me her email address (her old one, which I have, doesn't work) and then deactivate the account, but since they're undeletable, that's not ideal. Or perhaps I'll just pinch Moonshadow's, and hope the message gets through ^^

- Sun Kitten, 3rd July '07

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