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Below are several thumbnails linking to plushies made from fabric ordered from the wonderful Spoonflower.com. Their availability varies - if you're interested in one, do ask :)

Kite and Saryth from Patchwork Sky and Looking for the Sun.

Vivi, Amon, Thea, Cato and Alcaeus from Ambient Rhythm.

Reya and her tiger cub, from Reya.

Below are links to the chibi plushies that were made from scratch, plus a guide to making Saryth. Feel free to use that as a template for making others  ^.^

Vampire Hunter D, from the recent anime film of the same name
Saryth, from Looking for the Sun
Protus, from Dragon Heir
Kite, from Looking for the Sun

Making Saryth and Kite

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