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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

OK, as requested, here is the cute troll I originally drew for the transformed nagi (2nd to last panel in this comic). I think he looks old and benevolent, which is not the image I wanted at all!

Here is some fan art I did for Angel Moxie.

And here and here are pictures of Ellie and Murphy, the cats we got on Saturday from the animal shelter. We've been wanting cats for ages, and on Saturday this pair chose us by climbing all over us and clinging on like limpets. They're utterly lovely and very sweet, and I can't wait until we can let them out in the daytime (2 or 3 weeks from adoption) 'cause I feel really guilty leaving them locked up in the flat all day. I like cats, but you probably already knew that..

- Sun Kitten, 25.6.02

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