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I was reading the New Scientist today, and came across something really funny - and maybe a little scary (or maybe not). For anyone who doesn't know, the New Scientist is a weekly journal that is good at producing interesting and easy-to-read scientific articles. It is a good read, even though the articles are often out of date (one of the articles was about stuff I had been lectured on the year before - and that had been on the syllabus for a good few years before that). This year, Moonshadow gave me a subscription to the New Scientist as a birthday present.

Anyway, one of my favourite parts of the New Scientist is the last part but one, called 'Feedback', where interesting/amusing comments are made, usually with some scientific relevance. Over the past few weeks, there've been a number of entries regarding scientific babble. Clearly, as an anime fan, I regarded these as paltry efforts, mere shadows of the techno-speak in Escaflowne or Gunbuster (to name only two). However, this week's entry is such that I have to share it. No anime could descend to this level of daftness, if only because it would immediately lose any watchers in possession of more than 1 brain cell.

This quote is reproduced^H^H^Hmangled from Feedback, page 108 of the New Scientist issue dated the 29th June 2002. Hopefully there aren't any problems with copyright..

"Primordial M-water is a Perfect Living Water concentrate that is imbued with super coherent life supporting primordial vibration and energy as well as super coherent molecular clustering." And that's not all. From the section of the website (www.0disease.com/0watercrystal.html) entitled 'Advanced Scientific Learning', the following gem is quoted; "The M-Water Activation Technology involves repatterning water with platonic solid inversion geometry in motion, which is a super coherent duplication of how water is transformed by the forces of nature under ideal conditions in the environment.. Zero point is reached within the context of an ongoing pulsating sequence of vortexes via M-Water Activation Technology in order to tap into the expression of life supporting vibration and energy and the clustering of the water molecule."

Does anyone get paid to write this kind of rubbish? I almost think it might be computer generated - you know, you feed in a load of scientific terms, a computer adds a few articles and makes a guess as to how to arrange the words and you get this out. I hope it's computer generated, or if it isn't, I pity the poor person who had to write it. About the only one worse off is the poor person who accepts it.. if anyone actually does. I mean, does anyone really buy stuff - especially water - just because it has (badly written) pseudoscientific babble on the bottle?

Eeh well. Rant over. I feel better now  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 28.6.02

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