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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I can't think of anything to say because I am in a happy cat-induced haze. Happy 'cause I like having cats around. Haze because they like us and therefore scratch on the door at 3:30 am. Given the opportunity to enter the bedroom, they walk on us. You wouldn't believe how heavy little black cats can feel. So I'm also tired.

It's not really fair to blame today's tiredness on the nekos. From Sunday to Wednesday of last week, it was their fault. Since then, though they've not been scratching. But yesterday evening Moonshadow and the Hologram got into a long, intense game of Settlers (card game version) and we didn't get to sleep until past midnight. Although it may sound strange, this is a good thing, because without that long game I'd have gone to sleep earlier and not finished today's strip.

'Sleeping patterns can be arranged' - Moonshadow, a long time ago. A quote which may turn up in Phoenix Feathers at some point. I have a habit of recycling quotes... saves on brainpower, and I need all I can get of that rare resource. If anyone sees an overused brain cell, it belongs to me, Moonshadow and three others. We want it back. Thanks  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 2nd July '02

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