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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

A couple of things. Firstly, people wrote to me about the strip last week. This happens frequently but normally they're people I know, and the comment is included in the rest of the email. However, people wrote to me and said funny stuff this time, so I thought I'd quote it. Eventually I hope to get a correspondence page up, but with the recent total inadequacy of time, I don't know when that'll happen. So here are portions of the emails (and if the authors would like me to remove these, please say).

To: sunkitten@toothycat.net
Subject: Re: Pseudoscience babble rant.

<snip comments about algorithms for generating sentences> Anyway, it occurred to me that simply by feeding in all the babble currently floating around, we could generate all we ever needed, without paying anyone anything, and it's probably sound better, too.

I worry that someone did this about 10 years ago...

Looking at the primordial M-water, I suspect they did..

To: sunkitten@toothycat.net
Subject: Comic

Nikolai in today's comic reminded me of one of the callers:

"I was listening to that caller about taxes. His views are a little extreme. How do you expect to be a responsible member of society if you don't understand how the government spends your money? Why are people afraid of numbers? Sine and Cosine are two of the elegant incredible discoveries of humanity. I mean, the Cartesian co-ordinate system has an elemental power I find invigorating and even sexy. And I'm not ashamed to say it."

Which sounds all too much like something Nikolai might say. In fact, I may steal it. If it isn't already obvious, a large percentage of the humour in Phoenix Feathers comes from the insanity of a group of friends I hang around with (sadly, that's past tense for some cases. University is all but finished..). However, enough old and new people are around to perform as fodder for the quotes machine, which is a nokia semi-computer-type mobile phone (not ours, I hasten to add). Every now and then, the quotes file gets downloaded to a computer and is then put up on the net. There are links to our friends' websites on the links page, but for people who want to go directly to it, here is a link to the first quotes page. As you read through them, you may recognise some.. I have had to reconstruct the context in a number of places (some quotes are funniest if context is intentionally left out). The last strip is a good example of this. The last two lines in the strip were really, actually said. The rest (not that there's much else) I had to make up.

By the way, there is supposed to be more than silly random things in Phoenix Feathers - it's not based entirely on the rantings of people deranged by higher education. There is also a reason for the title...   ^^

- Sun Kitten, 5th July '02

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