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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

The fourth chapter of the First Story went up on Saturday or Sunday - I've forgotten which. They were all one lovely long blur of good company and good anime. We watched Gravitation, which I found surprisingly good, and later on showed Yami no Matsuei to interested parties. The last arc is so wonderfully full of angst.

For what it's worth, there're only two more chapters to go in Part 1 of the First Story. One is long but the last one is pretty short. I'm working on other stuff right now, but I hope to finish this lot by Minami - next March. That's the target, anyway, although it's pretty much meaningless for the First Story since it's not going to get sold in paper format. It will be at least 7 parts in length, so there's a way to go, but I like having something long term on the go (shorter things are good too). And the name came originally from the fact that it is the first story I have got on paper entirely by myself  ^.^

Oh yes, and Enciervanul Doamnisoar is borrowed from the wonderful series of books by Peter Morwood - Horse Lord, Dragon Lord, Demon Lord and the Warlord's Domain.

- Sun Kitten, 18th November '03

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