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SunKitten on Wed 4th July 2003 about the prospect of showing YamiNoMatsuei in the end-of-the-evening slot of WednesdayAnime:
So everyone who's scared of lots of gay young men running around being dead can just...  go away early...

Lark after $CHARACTER sprouts large black wings (episode 5 or 6):
Obviously being possessed by a demon has its good points.

MoonShadow after watching episodes 7-9:
Somebody read TokyoBabylon and thought it wasn't gay enough.
Nyo.  I think I would quite strongly object to TokyoBabylon being referred to as 'gay'.  --Kazuhiko
I agree with you, but the comment was made after watching a section in episode 8 (of YamiNoMatsuei) where it reeks of TokyoBabylon. Neither series is just slash, but in both cases gay relationships (or would-be relationships) are a fairly integral part of the story - SunKitten
Fair enough.  I really should get round to watching more yami at some point... --K

SunKitten after episode 12:
Sad bishounen in snow...

Tells you all you need to know, really. Sign up on WednesdayAnime/MarathonShowing if you'd like to see some.


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