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November 2003

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A feminist h17

*ROTFL"Feministo Dakara" if I recall Touga's quote correctly.  It doesn't romanise well unfortunately.  I would love to see /Rin in the Utena universe...  Very very cool strip :) --Kazuhiko

PeterTaylor presumes the fourth panel has PoV? above /Rin's head as she falls. However, it's quite easy to see it as PoV? above /Rin's head as she's on the receiving end of a two-footed kick in the stomach... MuHaHa.

Sort of like sleeping t09

Aww, I love /Megaera's thought bubble with her image of /Peri in a trance... :)
I just love the image of /Peri in panel 2, sprawled in some contorted almost-upside-down way on her bed :) --AC
Also, I can relate to the comment about not travelling with a cat in a box.  On one occasion our cat had to have pills, and we discovered this the day before we were due to go on holiday.  We decided it wasn't fair to make an inexperienced cat-minder try to feed pills to a cat, so we took him with us, for the first and only time.  We drove from Surrey to Northumberland, and my mother tells me that she timed the longest interval between piteous mews at 15 minutes, in a journey of some eight hours... --MJ

Desperate measures r15

BwaHaHaHa!  That's magnificent!  I love the signs, I love the librarian's expressions, I love /Peri's method of persuasion, I love the image of the UL in panel 1 (with the moody clouds behind it), I laughed out loud.  Great strip ^^  --AlexChurchill
Thanks *^^* - SunKitten
I interpreted the "Twilight" sign as "go straight forward, hop into Twilight for a moment, then come back out".  Which strikes me as about right for the UL. --NT

Nothing important t10

Stealthy Research h18

Wow, more UL goodness... more saabisu to the /RinFanClub as she demonstrates her general coolness and magnificence at everything ;)
Yeah. I thought I'd never do fanservice >.< ^^;; - SunKitten

It's fun to see the AssassinsGuild continuing in their ironic PF role as (so far) pure comic relief.  (Although how did that guy with the dagger get in?  Maybe he wasn't even after /Rin?  ...I suspect he is just comic relief, but you can never be quite sure with SunKitten and MoonShadow...)

And I think /Rin now knows (or suspects) something that we haven't seen?  Specifically, what are the indications of the whole /SnowBallCommittee being involved?  Maybe something that they decided following sc02"Deliberation"... Am I missing something (very possible), or does /Rin know lots of secret things that we don't?  --AlexChurchill

Troubled nights e03

11. 11/38 - SunKitten, going to sleep now...
Gambattene!  Oh, and: Wai!  Yozhik-plushy! :) --K

Breakthrough t11

What's the tear-shaped white thing above /Peri's ear in the last frame? -- Senji
A SweatDrop --K

Awash in flood literature r16

Suddenly, I am convinced that /Megaera is an "aether channeller", whatever that may be.  I wonder why? :) --K

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