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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

It's odd how stories and characters come to life. The way the toothycat comics normally happen is that I have an outcome in mind (sometimes specific, sometimes vague, sometimes a situation, sometimes a sentence, maybe a portion of plot or a joke and so on) and I play with the characters until they get there in their own sweet time, sometimes with detours en route. They more-or-less have their own personalities and their own ways of saying things - it's quite often I have to rewrite the dialogue until it works for that character, or junk it completely. It's probably a product of how the different stories came about that I find some of the Phoenix Feathers characters much harder to bring to life than Kite and Saryth. But then I worry about making Kite and Saryth just reflections of myself, which would be bad for a different reason.

Anyway. Sometimes the story takes on a life of its own and 'decides' how or why something comes about. It's amazing how the little details get filled in as necessary, and how apparently unrelated things can fit together after a while, like they'd been planned. I love the way a story grows and fits and evolves, which is one reason why I'm so enjoying doing Looking for the Sun at the moment. Some things, though, are inevitable; they're a direct result of putting the characters in the situations they're in (which in turn result from prior choices and situations and storytelling, and possibly the needs of future directions as well).

This strip became one of them.

- Sun Kitten, 10th September '04

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