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I went to Oxford yesterday for an Evo-Devo conference (Evolution and Development, it's a very trendy field at the moment). The talks were all good, and four very good, but my favourite was the one on plants. I'm not a plant scientist and find them a little dull, but the lecturer managed to make it interesting and informative even to an ignoramus like me (I'm not only not a plant scientist, I didn't do animal development either..). She mentioned a really neat sea slug, Elysia viridis, which eats algae and retains the chloroplasts (things that allow plants to photosynthesise). It then makes use of the functional plastids, so in a way, it photosynthesises (description and pretty picture). The lecturer finished with a credits page, naming the members of her lab, one of whom was a girl I knew from my second year who had spotted me reading the Nausicaa manga and said hi. It was really nice to see her again  ^.^

I said on the wiki that I hoped to have the next Looking for the Sun done this week. It'll be late this week...

- Sun Kitten, 14th September '04

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