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September 2004

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The weaker link pn15

Iiiinteresting. Of course, SunKitten will probably wait a fortnight to release the second half of this scene so as to keep us tense... - CorkScrew
I'm thinking it more likely that we'll just skip ahead to a scene after the conversation.  We may never find out what is going on - and we'll like it that way...  --Vitenka
Nooooooo!!! don't say that! SunKitten will get ideas! - CorkScrew
Everything I scanned in last week had the same root name. Of course, my laptop has developed serious booting problems, so maybe we'll have to wait a bit anyway... >;} - SunKitten
CorkScrew collapses in a gibbering heap

Explanation pn16

Sorry for the above. I really shouldn't tease, although the bit about my laptop is unfortunately true :) - SunKitten

Wow. Eek. So that's, like, "If you had a kid and it got in trouble then hordes of Things from other dimensions could be unleashed upon the world", right? Hmm. I wonder just how dedicated /Nikolai (and SunKitten) are to the principle of "Love conquers all" as opposed to "People need to learn to control their desires"... to optimism versus angst? ...Hmm... --AlexChurchill
(And I'd definitely be up for seeing a Blueprints-style appendix, for both PF and LookingForTheSun, to answer the question you asked ages ago. --AC)
Ah, thanks - that's useful to know :) - SunKitten (I was beginning to wonder if anyone bothered reading that...)
Well, obviously they should still date if they can agree they both never want biological kids.  Lots of Cambridge seem to think this is a good position to take without the end of the universe being in the balence.  Unless Peri is under obligation to produce more successors to the throne...  Or unless birth control isn't up to scratch in their world... --Sally
In a world where the only thing holding back the plushy-cthulus from invading is the royal blood line, not having a successor (and not planning to have one) would probably be a very bad thing (TM) --K

I liked the Twilight imagery. Very Lovecraftian - CorkScrew (Cthulhu fhtagn!)

Decisions pn17

Second half:  Very, very, very well said.  (Portrayed?)  Sort of a shame that the top half is on the same page, but very well said.  --Vitenka

Yes - subtle. At first, not noticing the title of the episode, I assumed that the bottom half was happening roughly simultaneously with the first (there's no expanded whitespace border after frame 3 to indicate time passing), and so I thought /Peri was upset about something unconnected - the last we saw her she was looking stunningly Gothic while revising. Seeing the name of this strip prompted a rereading, in a "Oh? OH... Oh, dear" kind of way.--AlexChurchill, suspecting he ought to claim his old AwarenessOfABrick description

Awww *fluffle* - CorkScrew

Awww! Is there ROFL? type acronym for "feeling a little tearful because it's been so well done, it's 1 am, and you've only had 5 hours sleep the previous night?" And anyone who suggests FALTBISWDIOAAYOHFHSTPN will be lynched. --CH
~trout PT

Alleged revision rev05

Perfect.  --Vitenka
Yes - excellent. /Peri's is rather poignant: the curtain looks like a hovering cloud of blackness, or a thick fog of /Twilight. Nagi is truly terrifying when he wanders around a college house late at night... ...as is his PhoenixFeathers namesake :-o And /Nikolai's expressing his feelings using ambigrams. Why am I not especially surprised. ;) --AlexChurchill

Curiosity killed the cat... h35

looking for the sun chapter title -
winter dreaming,
winters silence,
now the sun has set his light,
dreams by flirelight [my favorite, but prob. not the best] macloud
Mm, thanks. All nicely lyrical :) I'm thinking now... - SunKitten

Oohoohoo. Final confirmation of what we've been suspecting about /Niea; also slightly surprising (to me at least) to find out that Rin seems to have told her everything (well, a lot). One can't help feeling it's a baaad idea to poke around in the belongings of an EvilOverlord, though, let alone to talk to yourself out loud about rumours you've heard about him... --AlexChurchill

Is it just me or has /Niea had a bit of a makeover? I like the hair especially - very stylish. -- CorkScrew
It's the evil, of course. Anyone could tell you that evil is good for the body beautiful, if you're a young woman. --Requiem

Natural Genius rev06

*Kazuhiko rotfl for a very long time* :)

(PeterTaylor) He's wrong, of course. Hard work + natural genius > natural genius.
It's less good at lying back, sipping wine and looking cool, though.  HardWork? + Evil... --Vitenka
MikeJeggo's initial misreading of the above was HardWork? + Evil = Vitenka *sweatdrop*  Re-reading and realising my mistake was quite a relief!
Lies and slander!  --Vitenka
I thought the bottle of Lothlorien Muscat (697) was very cool. I want some! - CorkScrew

Naze Nani Toothycat: 3 nntc04

3 or 4?
Oh bother. It's the fourth image but the third Naze Nani, because the second one was a two-parter. Hang on... - SunKitten

Hehe, almost makes me glad I stayed up ridiculously late... - CorkScrew
CantaWiki/ExamPanic?! :)  --Vitenka
just looking at the title page reminds me - what has happened to the toothycat since its internment.....macloud

Of alarm clocks and vodka ex01

Erm, real-life /Nikolai? Did you manage to be late to a maths exam? I'm quite impressed, particularly given you obviously passed... --CH
hang on nagi - and vodka....
[runs for nearest bomb shelter] macloud

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