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Mwahaha. And so the final leg begins. How many weeks until the start of February? By my count, about seventeen. That seems like a lot, but somehow it feels like much less when arrayed as a timetable with strips laid out in order...

Saryth can now cast a spell. Woohoo!

Today we found out how Pixel reacts to strange cats. There was a grey tabby sitting nonchalantly on our balcony watching her spit acid at the double glazed door in between, just as we sat down to eat dinner. She made the most horrible noise, jumped up and down, tried to get through the window, the door and the (locked) catflap, and generally howled and hissed and meowled in a rather scary fashion. I don't think the tabby would have been so bold had she been able to get out. She's calm again now, but she maintains a watchful presence at the back door. I just hope the tabby doesn't start enjoying taunting her; I don't want any repeat performances  ^.^;;

- Sun Kitten, 8th October '04

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