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At LAC, Moonshadow and I (and several others) were accosted by a band of girls handing out leaflets for Wildercon. Wildercon is aimed at meeting the need for a convention that arises between Minamicon and Ayacon - namely, during the summer (8th-10th August). It is different in that it's held at a campsite, and is extremely cheap. So, we're going - it sounds like fun. Moonshadow's already started making plans for camping. Words like 'whistling kettle', 'little Russian frying pan' and 'car-powered fridge' are flying round my head  ^.^

Speaking of cons, submissions for the Aya Conbook are now being accepted. They asked that any images submitted not be 'published' beforehand, since they're supposed to be new for the con. However, while I can't put up the image I'm thinking of (I've only just started it, in any case), here is a quick sketch of the main character, who already has a story and very much wants it to be told..

- Sun Kitten, 8th July '03

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