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London Anime Club

Website: [anime.org.uk]
Site down?  Or just me? - Kazuhiko
They appear to be having intermittent DNS problems. Link above should always work..

It meets on the first Sunday of every month (except January, or when a big con clashes with it); meetings are currently at the Hog's Head ([1 America Square], near Tower Hill tube station).

There is an entry fee. Meetings start just after noon and go on until 5.30pm or so; there are 3-4 dealers and a video program; and a lot of fans. There is also a /Library.

The-place-that-used-to-be-known-as YaohanPlaza is something good to do on an LAC Sunday.

The move to the Hogs head was inspired if you ask me. So much more room and light (it was previously held in a small dark pub basement). There are widescreen TVs on most walls showing whatever is on in the main area (that is where the audio is). Unfortunately, there is no large screen projector. It got moved to another pub, and screwed down. However, I advise that you avoid the coke at that pub. Tastes awful, and costs the earth! - Tsunami

"Costs the earth" goes for all the drinks. The guy standing before me in the queue had some sort of purple loyalty card, though, and got what seemed like normal pub prices - anyone have any clue what that's all about? - MoonShadow

Unfortunately there is also a far too high chance of accidently crossing paths with TheDamerell.

Neither TheDamerell nor Weds have been to LAC for a while now (or at least I haven't seen them there), so this risk is not as high as it once was.

CategoryAnime, CategoryAbbreviation;see also CUCAS and WednesdayAnime

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