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July 2003

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Encounter with the Guild h13

Perhaps a slightly excessive Use of Force there, Rin...
No use of force at all. Slightly excessive use of magic, sure. One assumes that Guild rules would forbid use of magic if she actually was playing.
Magic is a variety of Force -- Senji.

Oh, and I got the impression from the way that /Rin denied playing, that she's the PhoenixFeathers universe's equivalent of MatthewGarrett...
And so is her wife? -- Senji
YerWhat?? - SunKitten
AssassinsGuild gag, and (apparently) PopularCulture? reference - the gag is "I'm MatthewGarrett and so's my wife" -- Senji
I suppose MontyPython can count as PopularCulture?.  It's from LifeOfBrian? - at one of the few points when they're offering to do something nice to Brian, everyone around claims to be him. Hence the line "I'm Brian, and so's my wife!"  --AlexChurchill, wondering how he remembered that
Oh, of course, why didn't I remember that? -- Senji

Also mildly interesting to see /Rin use magic for the first time - the sheer speed with which she cast the spell is evidence that /Rin is probably quite good at it, as we had generally assumed. --SF

My word. Updated Tuesdays and Fridays is slightly incorrect, it would appear.
Those are the guaranteed update days. It's usually updated at around 11:00 the night before.. - SunKitten
Hence a reasonably common expression around here is Is it Tuesday yet? or n02 Is it Friday yet? -- Senji.

I like very much.  The three interlocking ways of reading it (not playing, excessive response, being serious) make me laugh lots.  --Vitenka
I've only just, on about 4th reading, realised what you meant here.  You're referring to the one particular comment from /Rin where she says "I'm not playing this term", aren't you?  Or are you?  --AlexChurchill
Combined with the actions, yes.  --Vitenka
I am beginning to get worried whether we're ever going to find out what happenned to sha'am and the others, though.  --Vitenka
Patience, patience - SunKitten (MuHaHaHa)
I am, just playfully pointing out that, despite appearances, the /RinFanClub aren't the only readers.  --Vitenka
The /RinFanClub want to know what happened to sha'am too... :) -- Senji
MoonShadow had a sneak Sha'am-preview when he saw bits of relevant strip getting drawn a few days ago ^^ MuHaHaHaHa.. ;)

I was once, as Umpire, asked to rule on what happened to a throwing knife you caught. (By the letter of the rules, it was an arm hit) - I, naturally, ruled it as a valid way of stopping the thing. Lucky for /Rin, really. Anyway, me likey, as you might have guessed. -- TheInquisitor

Every OS Sucks r01

I love.  I laughed loudly.  Especially at the first and last word bubble.  The first seems inspired by the conversation above and the last sounds like one I really had.  Is LAC really this Sunday?  --Vitenka

Yup. - MoonShadow

"Every OS sucks" by [Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie] can be downloaded for free at [mp3.com].

All the Coffee... r02

Ah, good to see PhoenixFeathers continuing the fine WebComic tradition of the WaitressSpillingDrinks? as a PlotDevice.  (From MegaTokyo on down.)
The biggest unanswered question, of course, is: did the waitress drop them out of shock at hearing /Shaam's name?  If so, then just how much does she know?  --AlexChurchill
And can we torture her^W^Wfind out? -- Senji

Maybe she's the /MysteriousEvilDude in disguise?  I've heard you can do wonders with curlers... :) --Kazuhiko

My Book q04

The question I have is: "Why would /Rin be reading a book that /Megaera can understand?". Not that I'm biased, of course. -- TI
My guess is that they'd have somewhat different reasons for wanting the book. /Rin could well be doing some form of comparative study into different styles of magic/teaching magic. Or alternatively she wants a direct quote from an authoritative source to win an argument on ucam.oberon.blackarts --SF

Mmm, books -- Senji

This isn't a proper summer, it's not raining enough! -- Senji
(PeterTaylor) It is not too hot. It's very nice.
Ugh *shudder* bring back the Ice Age! - SunKitten
Yes, melting is a very strange sensation.  Still - it is nice to bask in.  --Vitenka
Mmmmmm, suntan and free skin cancer! - Tsunami

Or they both want to follow the continuing adventuresof TimothyHunter??  Regardless - Yomiko tribute moment!  --Vitenka

Maybe it was actually the fourth in a series of trashy romance novels? --Kazuhiko (now trying to find somewhere to hide from both /Megaera and /Rin fanboys...)

Examination sc01

Well, well, well.  The /SnowBallCommittee reveal several things - including that /Yozhik is indeed a member, as suspected by the ToothyWiki HiveMind for a while.  And that they're Officially Plotting (TM) (like we couldn't guess that anyway).  It will be highly intriguing to see what they make of /Shaam's deception.  And whether /Yozhik tells them where /Daedalus can be found - my betting is he doesn't, or at least not for a while.

Question: Why does /Remiel? have a device for sexing a /Phoenix just lying around?!?
Probably not an issue, but I don't think we have actually been given names for the other two members of the committee yet...  Or, in fact, the fourth, but he has yet to even make an appearance... --Kazuhiko
BwaHaHaHa.  I know, I know.  That doesn't change the fact that the character is blatantly /Remiel?.  Every single line that character has said sounds best when said in Remiel's accent; and if I know anyone who's passed through Cambridge who would have a device for sexing phoenixes, it would be Remiel...  --AlexChurchill

Bonus question: Does anyone else find it amusing that AlexChurchill could have recited /Shaam's Dewey number just as quickly as /Yozhik did?
It's a certain number associated with him? (with a 2 missed out)? -- Senji
Yes. Although I don't think the whole WWW ought to know precisely what that number is.  --AlexChurchill
Good point, sorry... -- Senji
In that case, how on earth is one supposed to use the beta? --CH
What, don't your keypads have a beta on them? Dear oh dear, we are using antiquated technology, aren't we!  ;) --AlexChurchill

Phoenixes have sex?  Ah *cough*... not what I meant to say ^^;;;  Phoenixes have gender? (though I guess that could be considered a corollary...)  It wouldn't seem necessary in the standard phoenix 'reproductive cycle' (blow up, come back, blow up again)...  Does anyone know of a difference between a male and female phoenix in standard mythology? --Kazuhiko
Given that the Phoenix? lays an egg before immolating itself, I would presume it to be female.  --Vitenka

Deliberation sc02

Umm... is the ambiguity of 'fix it' intentional?  --Vitenka

Sometimes the Heroes have to go and bring the Magic back to the World?. -- Senji
Worryingly often, this involves a SongAndDanceRoutine.  --Vitenka
EarthDawn? springs to mind.  Admittedly magic's not at a low point in its cycle, but it's far from the peak. -- NickTaylor

A waste of time? r03

On edge t01

"Twilight Tutoring", eh?  Or should that be /TwilightTutoring?...  It induces twitchiness and stress, and is only even made known to those who might be eligible.  Which eligibility is related to some characteristic which /Peri possesses and surprisingly /Sylvai half-possesses.  Species is one likely possibility, if far from the only one.

From the gesture Sylvia is making, it's pretty much got to be species...  Unless, of course, that is actually a pointy hair-clip rather than a pointy ear... --Kazuhiko

It's notable that this strip starts the "t"-named thread, presumably being the subplot following /Peri and/or /Sylvai.  But we only recently started "q" and "r", and haven't seen "s" at all yet.  Coupled with the way the /SnowBallCommittee strips were "sc", one suspects (and hopes!) that the "t" is from a word rather than just the next letter of the alphabet, and that it's short for either Twilight or Tutoring, and thus we'll find out more about it from the following strips in this thread soon...
Carry on like this, and I'll randomise the naming  >;) - SunKitten
Bet you'd love that... "See PFLink:q43ld0w and PFLink:xtp93m7" ;) I think the information any of us can extract from the codes of the strips is sufficiently minimal that you don't need to worry... We get rather more information from the strip's name, for example, because it highlights what *you* think the important aspect (or noteworthy pun) in that strip is. --AC''

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