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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I stood behind the Assassin's Guild stall at this year's Fresher's Fair for an hour on Wednesday. Two people asked me about Compile, Link, Exe! T-shirts. Go here (we've only got two black T-shirts left...). I also persuaded the nice CUCAS people to take some of the Phoenix Feathers business cards I had lying around, so just in case anyone's come here from there, consider this a plug for CUCAS. They're very nice people, and they have good taste in anime (the stall had a Vash poster and a Hellsing poster. What can I say?).

Have started on the First Story again. This bit's rather shorter. It might get done before Christmas  ^^;;

Speaking of (attempts at) manga (or comics or whatever you want to call them), Sweatdrop is a group of UK amateur artists who self-publish their work, which is manga-styled (everything from authentic-looking shoujo to comics the layout of which vaguely resembles the classic manga style). The group acts as a kind of focal point and quality control. The site has a catalogue of available works and a forum for members and interested others (including myself, at the moment). There's some really good stuff there (apologies if I've already plugged Sweatdrop - I truly can't remember. Anyway, it's worth a second one :).

- Sun Kitten, 10th October '03

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