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October 2003

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Hot Lava Java x01

My very great pleasure t08

Was just reading through the characters page and can't help thinking of TheWorks cards with the "name:descriptive words" format...  "Kurai: male, satyr, alchemist"... "Pop one alchemy building" perhaps? :) --Kazuhiko

So, the question on everyone's minds: will we find out the MED's name on Friday?!  --AC
Apart from those of us whose minds are too busy (or possibly just slow) to have even worked out that this was a possibility... MJ
I'd have to second that.  What / where is a hint that MED will even appear in Friday's comic let alone be named in it?  Am I missing something significant?  (well, yes, obviously, but I meant with regards to PF) --Kazuhiko
Um. Ah. Um. Er. Don't mind me, I'm just being... um... stupid. And really really silly. Oh wow. Boy oh boy. Ah, I made a mistake. That was... really *dense* of me!  Just ignore me, I'll be under this, um, feather duster...  --a very very sheepish AC
In other words, you thought that Prof Midsummer was the MED?  Unless washable hair dye is employed and MED washes his hair lots, I doubt it...  Oh and your last statement is about to be copy/pasted to WikiQuoteIndicator, just to add to embarassment >:> MJ
Well. Hmm. We do actually already have strong indications of washable hair dye (or some other mundane or magical means of modifying one's mane) in the PhoenixFeathers universe.  It was a mistake, but, well... many a truth said in jest, and all...?  (On the flip side, /Rin might have noticed.  And there have been slight suggestions that the MED is a student.)  --AC

Ok - I've now officially been totally left behind and confused.  --Vitenka
PeterTaylor likewise. Would someone care to expand "MED"?

Unless Alex and I have our wires well and truly crossed, we both mean /MysteriousEvilDude
Giggle!  You mean you can't deduce it from context?? ;-)  --AC
(PeterTaylor) No, because I don't think of Rin's boss as "/MysteriousEvilDude", and I didn't want to try finding the dramatis personae.
Links now added... --M-A
And now I still fail to see the relevence of any of it.  I'm just lost.  --Vitenka
Relevance?  I don't think we sell that here.  If you're lost though, you ought to try North, East, South-East, North-East, South, South. --Kazuhiko

The other wrong end r13

Classic.  Poor NagiNagiNagi.  --Vitenka

Winterborn Greystripe x02

Lol...  "Summon Plushy Cat!" :)  Very cute.  Somehow I don't think you would be able to get /Greystripe to admit he looked like that on materialization however :)  I love the idea of using a CatsCradle? to summon a cat...

Now the questions/speculation:  Have we come across the name before?  Sounds familiar (nopunhonest), but I can't recall.  More importantly, why was /Megaera summoning a cat, toothy or otherwise? --Kazuhiko

/Megaera is looking particularly cute today. And a successfull summoning too! Yay! --AnonymousMegaeraFan

That a cat responded doesn't seem to have been part  of her plan, from her surprise - but then, she did use a CatsCradle? so I'm confused.  Still, crossover from the Threads is a nice thing and I wonder what the "It's supposed to be a protective barrier spell" crack means.  She thinks it didn't work?  Ahhh, I've got nothing.  It has a cat in it, so I felt obligated to comment.  --Vitenka
My interpretation (which has admittedly been laughably wrong in the past) was that she was aiming for a spell to create a barrier, and nothing more.  Hence being surprised when a creature of any kind appeared.  If this is accurate, then we can start surmising that the cat popped through because something is or was pretty unusual about /Megaera or the particular summoning.  For example, the fact that she's associated with /Shaam, or (my suspicion) the fact that /Daedalus was involved.  --AlexChurchill
Oh, and I'm not normally a big /Megaera fan (not as much as /Rin and /Peri, anyway), but she was looking really cute today.  Spellcasting in frames 1 and 2, and wonderfully surprised in 8 and 11.  Sweet!  ...Ahem, time for me to go hide in the woodwork again.  But not before stating I'm also rather impressed with SunKitten's cat-drawing sk1llz.  --AlexChurchill
That was my first thought - but I wasn't sure quite how a Cat (which might be a ToothyCat) is a barrier spell.  Also she seemed surprised.  --Vitenka
The "That's supposed to be a protective barrier spell" is surely in response to /Greystripe's question "And what's this?", gesturing to the writing on the floor.  That would raise another question though.  When / why would a creature who is seemingly unfased by being summoned be unaware of one of the basics of summonings? --K
Excellent point, Kazu. The interesting bit is that one natural interpretation of /Greystripe's words make the cat seem surprised to have been snatched from wherever /Greystripe was before.  The words (and expression on the cat's face) can be interpreted as either surprised, or totally unfased, or somewhere in between.  --AC
'tis a cat.  The expression on its face means 'mild amusement / will you feed me / are you a plaything?'  ;)  --Vitenka (Every expression means that)
I think you'll find some of their expressions mean 'I can prove I can draw blood if you don't leave me alone'...
I'd say that was covered under mild amusement and feed me.  VampurrTheVelvetPaw?...  --Vitenka
A thought.  Is the curly writing indicative of a particular kind of voice, or is it partaking of the shorthand for 'another language in use' translated for our benefit?  If the former - nifty, can we have a sample?  If the latter, how come she can understand it?  She isn't speaking it...  --Vitenka (The obvious answer is, of course, "magic")
Most people can indicate capitalisation in their speech if they try but it takes true vocal training to change the font... --K
I'm not saying anything, except that the font is 'A charming font superexpanded' from http://www.fontfreak.com - SunKitten

Yozhik Critiqued r14

Oooo, Mis-teeer-ious!  <[wiggles fingers]>
Comments on the disreputable-looking big haired guy with /Megaera will be withheld until I hear him speak.  But against all initial indications, /Sylvai is becoming quite a sympathetic character. As well as cute. Help. HelpMe?. --AC
Well, it's presumably /Greystripe, either transformed into a person or projecting some sort of magic field that makes him appear as a person if you're not /Megaera, or something (In the penultimate panel, I think /Megaera is looking down at cat level). --M-A
^^;;;;;;;;;;  I am so stupid.  Thank you M-A.  I knew it was going to be some kind of were-creature but somehow completely failed to make the connection to /Greystripe  *kickself* --K
Hmm, while the comic does strongly suggest what M-A mentions, I wouldn't say so stupid (in bold) for not thinking of it. I didn't until M-A pointed it out (although not paying attention to what /Megaera actually said in the penultimate panel didn't help).  --AC
Eh?  I thought it was obvious until I read the start of this comments thread ;)  Now I'll admit to the possibility of doubt.  --Vitenka
Do not make any deductions from AlexChurchill's AwarenessOfABrick.  I have just noticed the three faint spots on NewBigHairedBloke?'s cheek, which could be either stubble of whiskers, or some skin emblem indicating magical/summoned creature status. Or a student playing with fake tattoos, of course, or an ArtifactOfJPEGCompression.  Choose one. :)  --AlexChurchill
I thought it was stubble and/or acne. --M-A
I have been informed BTW that, while ancient relics are artifacts, marks due to image degradation are artefacts.  --K
Whereas "He's the strongest man in the world." is an ArtieFact?.  --Vitenka
And the date of JohnConstable?'s birth would be an arty fact. --M-A
And "Oh, that always perks me up right proper." would be an "Ah, tea" fact. --CH, who Runs And Hides - and so you should...
And the URL of the NationalGallery? would be an....  Art e-fact. --M-A, joining CH
And I suppose putting on a voice to say "Well I'm not talking to you then!" would be an "Ah, Tiff" act?  --AC
It's when your clothes no longer fit: "Argh, too fat!"
I feel obliged to join in, since you've all got it wrong.  It's when you try to illegally send your friend a TV listings magazine - R.T. faxed.
PeterTaylor also thought it obvious.

Mmmmm.  Durian.  Haven't had any for weeks --Mjb67

Points of View x03

BwaHaHaHa...  *Kazuhiko ROTFLs at the fuzzy comment and tries desperately not to wake up people with laughter* :)  One can't help wondering what it looked like to the others when she was stroking his head... :)

CoughSplutter? - looong setup fantastic presentation of the finale.  Must remember to read pf before I go to work.  Hilarity is unexpected here.  Leaving you to wonder quite what that looked like from the other POV - which imaginings are probably funnier than seeing it would be... Oh dear ;)  Poor EmbarrasmentByProxy?.  Oh, you've been viewing WolfsRain, haven't you?  --Vitenka
WooHoo?!  I predicted correctly!  I'm so chuffed. :) One thing, though - what does Yozhik *think* is going on?  I can't work it out from all the half-sentences. --M-A

What have I done? x04

And the good stuff continues.  I'm guessing that random 'what does this button do?' experiments are generally concluded at a somewhat less dangerous age.  Then again, when opening random portals you're lucky to get a Threads/GreyStripe rather than an AncientEvil.  --Vitenka  (Also - yay!)
Are we seeing a bit of jealousy on Yozhik's part here (panel 4 particularly)? --M-A
Nope. We're seeing a lot of jealousy on Yozhik's part here... --CH
Well jealousy of /Greystripe would be kinda expected from /Yozhik.  I wonder if he's also jealous of /Megaera's success (?) in magic...  --AC

Jealousy? x05

Eh.. sorry about the abruptness (is that a word?). Bad planning on my part - SunKitten

Cute :)  Not sure what you mean about abruptness, unless you are referring to the disappearance of /Greystripe which is a bit of a shame...  Oh, did you realise that you and ShadowCat appear on the comic on Denji's site?  Under the heading "Super Cool People" :) --Kazuhiko
Yes, I did - she told me in an email. It's flattering :) I'm wondering how to alert her to the mistake without embarrassing/upsetting her. It's an understandable one, after all. She only has my email address and she only met MoonShadow once. Oh well... - SunKitten

Much interest... :) MJ

All together now: awwww.  --AC "How shweeet...".  I think you forgot that part, Alex. MJ

And fluffles are embarassing?  --Vitenka  (Slightly sudden wrap-up, but very cute.)

Aww...indeed. /Megaera is particularly cute when blushing. --AnonymousMegaeraFan
You would say that -- NonymousRinFan

The vice-president h16

Inquisitive readers of this strip may find the de-mistified dialogue interesting.

/Rin is rapidly earning herself the title "Queen of Half Sentences".  Probably a technique taught in the Dark Arts Tripos...  I do agree with her general sentiment though.  Why is he still smiling? --K
Perhaps because /Megaera basically just told him she returned his feelings? And then kissed him? --CH
Ah, but /Rin thinks he already got much further than that with whoever she thinks is his partner.  Whoever she thinks he is :)  --Vitenka (I'm all confuzzled)

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CategoryAwfulPun  - when did this page acquire this? is it deliberate? --AC
Yes, it is deliberate. Yozhik Critiqued (see end)

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