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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

We saw the Two Towers yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I found rather more niggles to pick at than I did with the first film. In particular, I've pretty much given up on Frodo. It'd be better if Sam just tied him up and carried him into Mordor. He's hopeless. And there were far too many little 'additions' to the plot (dynamite?!) that weren't bad as such (excluding the dynamite), but I would far rather have seen the time spent on the story from the book. And I thought Gollum was a little bit too much like Dobby out of Harry Potter II. Maybe I'm being a bit critical there.

Niggles aside - it was great. Helm's Deep was superb, as was Edoras. I have never fully visualised those locations - I have had particular problems with Helm's Deep - but the way they were done in the film was consistent with both the film and my mental picture of the rest of the book (and of course it is essential that Peter Jackson tailor the film around *my* view of the books ;). I loved the landscapes - again - and the Plains of Rohan as portrayed in the film reminded me very much of the moors round Sheffield, which is where I used to live, which I rather liked. I am looking forward to number three, but I do hope they give Frodo and Sam more screen time (they hardly got any) while still doing justice to the fight for Gondor and to Theoden and Denethor. I realise that's not easy.

Maybe one day they'll do it right and make an anime out of it (TIAJ!)  ^.^

When we got back from the weekend spent in Sheffield, we found that the cooperative story started in the wiki has grown rather. If you haven't read much yet, check it out - it's getting rather fun. Speaking of stories, Moonshadow and I just finished chapter 5 of The Boy and the Darkness, so hopefully that'll be up soon.

There won't be a break in Phoenix Feathers this week - no special Christmas strip either, I'm afraid - the next strip will be up on Friday as usual. Happy Christmas, everyone  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 24th December '02

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