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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Nyo. Now is the time to get confused when signing dates and writing up lab books. All my cheques will be a year old and I will look back at my lab notebook and discover that I travelled in time around the start of the year 2003 - I did some of my experiments in 2002 again. I like the start of a new year though (unlike some people, who came and moonged at our New Year Party, you know who you are :) - I get to start a new diary, a (mostly) unbooked year. Not that that means anything in reality, but I like it nonetheless. It's like changing clothes - I'm still wearing black, but it's clean black.

I haven't made any New Year resolutions - I don't think I ever have. It feels a bit weird - I make resolutions fairly frequently, and some of them I keep (Phoenix Feathers, for example) and some I don't (like not eating chocolate for a week - although I once managed all Lent without chocolate apart from two Quality Streets when I just forgot). To make resolutions on a particular day when I'm not feeling like it seems odd, and if I am feeling like it then I'll make them whatever day it is. But that's just me - YMMV :)

We watched all of the first Slayers series yesterday. I'd forgotten how much I like it. Slayers is very, very cool (wiki link here for description). The first series, at least, manages a good blend of humour and serious stuff - and the humour is not repetitive enough to be boring. Slayers Next suffers a little from repetitive humour, but in my opinion the plot is better (more angst! yay) so I think I prefer it. Slayers Try suffers from the 'run-out-of-baddies' syndrome.

Moonshadow found a couple of amusing/interesting links today. Here is a (long) article about Scientific Literacy. I really enjoyed reading it, so I thought I'd throw it in. And here is a site with rants. This link comes with a profanity and subject warning - the writer swears frequently and his opinions are not guaranteed to please. The writing and hallway idiocy rants are particularly good ones, in my opinion.

Speaking of rants, we were going to have a rants page, only it never got going. I expected Moonshadow would write some - he used to - but he never got round to it after setting up toothycat.net (late correction - the wiki gets some of his - see here :). As for me, proper rants take energy, and normally when I'm irritated I can't be bothered to sit down and spew anger onto my laptop - it's more satisfying to shout at someone (poor Moonshadow). Also, for almost any subject there will already be at least ten rants out there which say what I wanted to far better than I could have (and a hundred more which disagree with various points of the argument, but that's the nature of the internet). Many time have I ranted onto notepad, saved the rant and then re-read it at a later date and realised what utter drivel it is. Proper ranting is a truly creative art. Maybe if I get properly annoyed one day I'll rant on here. But don't hold your breath  ^.^

- Sun Kitten, 3rd January '03

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