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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

Phoenix Feathers' 'birthday' (for want of a better word) comes on the 5th February. This is the end of the second year and we've been planning for three years of story (although that might get extended >.<). That's quite an odd thought, really. Actually, even thinking about not doing Phoenix Feathers any more is weird.

The second episode? volume? bit of Looking for the Sun is on the way. I've decided to split it in two - the first part has been drawn and is being inked, and the second part has yet to be scripted properly. I've been a bit distracted recently and haven't been paying it proper attention, but I'm still intending to get it done in time for MinamiCon  ^.^

Oh, and why hasn't anyone noticed I've been getting the year wrong on the main comic page up til now?!?

- Sun Kitten, 9th January '04

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