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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I apologise for the odd shading in recent strips. Since my old computer died, I've had to use xsane with the scanner on Moonshadow's Linux machine (since the new computer is too new to have a parallel port (!)), and it produces differently weighted shades of grey. I'd just got the VistaScan software working really well with my old computer, too  >.<

We've had to stop watching our current anime (Full Metal Alchemist, Avenger and Chrno Crusade - no, it's not a typo - at the moment) over Christmas because the fansubbers were on holiday too. We ran out of stored up episodes last week, so we delved into the hoard of stuff sitting around on Moonshadow's hard drive, and found Juuni Kokki, which has proved to be so absorbing that even Moonshadow forgets that he has to get up the next morning. We're now on episode 24, and it's getting wonderfully complicated, and very, very hard to stop watching. I wish we'd found it at the start of the holiday  ^.^;;

- Sun Kitten, 13th January '04

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