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So you get excited with the idea for a story. Then you have to wait for it to tell itself for you so you can write it down. Then you have to storyboard it, which is even more exciting. Then you draw it. Then you ink it. Then you rub out the pencil, and scan it and fiddle with the images in PSP, wondering why the black ink scanned in blotchy and why there's still pencil marks on the scan. Then it's on the website, and you're happy, and you post about it, and hope people have read it, and liked it, and it's a nice fuzzy feeling.

Then you have to prepare the thing for paper printing. And every page has to be jostled into position on the template, and every double page needs its numbers, and all the little things have to be done, including the little blurb which is always so awkward to write. How do you sum up a story? You have to either be generic and vague or tell the story in its entirety. It's a real art, writing a good blurb. And then you have to deal with stupid ideas like putting sewing patterns and instructions in. And it takes forever. And then you ship it off to the printers and when it comes back you leaf through and immediately spot the obligatory mistake. And then they all go off to Otaku for selling, and you never hear from them again... unless you take them to a con, in which case the people gawping over the plushies next door put their coke bottles on top of the comics you spent months making.

And in the meantime, you start the next one...

- Sun Kitten, 22nd June '04,
vaguely bemused/amused by the hobbies she picks

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