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Paintshop Pro. Nice cheap (relatively) graphics program for the PC, made by [Jasc].

PSP 7 (10th Aniversary Edition) - Now discontinued.
PSP 8 - ASIN B00009450H
PSP 8 + Virtual Painter 3 - ASIN B0002MG6KE Cheaper than PSP 8 on its own, for some reason...

<obligatory FOSS comment> Personally, I'm coming to really like the GIMP as a free alternative </obligatory FOSS comment> - CorkScrew
An obligatory comment, but a somewhat off base one.  PhotoShop? (and hence GIMP) addresses image manipulation with more of an eye to photo manipulation and vectors.  PSP has its roots in bitmap creation much more strongly.  I'll add a note that it is reasonably trivial to find psp 5 or 6 on coverdisks - sometimes even with no shareware limitations.  I personally much prefer the older interface (and its stronger focus on bitmaps and palettes)  Different tools for different jobs, and all that.  --Vitenka
I'm rather fond of Illustrator's vector functions. They're very cool. I was pleasantly surprised to find *almost* all the functionality I was using in Illustrator in PSP - not, sadly, all of it. But there's a new version out now... - SunKitten

Oh yes, and Photoshop 7, at least, has little-to-no vector support. It's dreadful. Which is weird since the same people make Illustrator, but whatever. 8+ might be better - I haven't tried them. I don't think. PSP7's vector support is way ahead by comparison - SunKitten
It should be pointed out that PSP's creators have not got another vector graphics app, and so decided to build one into PSP. Adobe, however, have the professional's choice vector graphics app, Illustrator, and therefore the need to build vector graphics into Photoshop (from their point of view) was very low down on the list of things to do. The latest version of Photoshop (CE) does have vector support, and although it isn't as good as Ilustrator (obviously, otherwise that would kill the market for Illustrator), it is useable. --Tsunami
Yes, I did think that'd be the case. But they've obviously got the expertise - why not put just a little into Photoshop? It needn't be as good as PSP's vector support - just *some* would be nice! Squares, triangles, that kind of thing. As it is, it feels like they just want to rip people off and make them buy both! (that's what, more than 500 pounds?) >.<  - SunKitten
Well, the latest version has support for all that kind of stuff. You are talking about a software package (PS7) that is at least two generations old. As far as the price goes, I agree, they do charage waaaaaaay too much for the software. I guess that is the result of being the number one professional graphics package manufacturer. --Tsunami
Yes, I know - PS7's the latest I have experience of; I can't say anything about newer versions of PS (and I have heard that their vector support has improved). But then, the two-generation-old PSP7 is what it's being compared to, so I reckon it's fair ;) - SunKitten
Recently [acquired by Corel] - which means the KissOfDeath?.  So download and burn copies of every version you have the rights to, quickly.  (Version six has free downloads from coverdisks in a few places)  --Vitenka
Got links for any such? --AlexChurchill, who would quite possibly get a bit of use from a non-time-limited legal PSP install
Not off hand, I've got the actual disk.  I can find the link to the reg-key site when I get home though.  Remind me.  --Vitenka
Alex, you're welcome to our PSP5 CD. No vectors though - SunKitten, who really really likes vectors

Addition.  They claim that they want PSP as their 'budget' line.  Which is nice from the price, but one fears they may trim features.  But it also introduces a mental disconnect.  Because I thought the whole of Corel was budget stuff?  The only high end stuff they had was their newspaper editor.  I mean, Adobe make the high end stuff, Corel make, um... --Vitenka
Heh, I would be more worried about the pointless features that Corel are likely to add in. They are infamous for creating bloatware. --Tsunami
I'll hang onto PSP7, I think ;) I tried Corel stuff once, and it was sooo slow. Admittedly I had a slow computer, but even so >.< - SunKitten

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MaintainMe: Is the abbreviation page actually more useful than this living at PaintShopPro?

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