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June 2004

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Memory of Dairen h28

Ooh, a Phoenix familiar called Icarus!. StuartFraser applauds SunKitten greatly!
(Oh, yeah, and it advanced the plot, too....linking phoenixes to the Immolation again.)
Well, we already had a /Phoenix named /Daedalus, so... On a different note, I can't help being reminded of PrincessMaker by the "apprenticed to a baker, took care of his poorly younger sister, took magic lessons..." side of things :) But the obvious question is, what happened to Dairen in that fire? Note that he grew up in Cambridge, but his first academic appearance was in Oxford (h25). The sister connection is intriguing too... --AlexChurchill
Well, i'd assumed he scarpered away from Cambridge after burning the city down and killing his own sister.  It is the phonixes that cause the great immolitians, right, which is why the committee want Megaera's dead?-Sally
That does appear to be what the commitee think, anyway.  --Vitenka

Beneath the Surface v04

Ooo. Plots intersecting, and stuff. I like. Also - Aww... poor Rin... --Requiem

DoctorCoffee?!  Yes, niceness and glares.  And ChronoTriggerChronoTrigger makes everything better.  As to the rant - sorry, I support both moves.  Raise petrol prices to thousands of pounds a litre.  Though we do kinda need to reorganise our infrastructure first...  /SmokingAndPetrol --Vitenka
Yeah, poor Rin. When did Yozhik and Megaera officially start going out? - CorkScrew
Well, here (sc12) if not before. --Requiem

For more avid PF watchers than me, can Rin see Daedalus? --??Sally (or ChiarkPerson)
To the best of my knowledge, /Daedalus can be seen by all...  The recent 'invisible' strip was just /Megaera being rhetorical I believe after the surveyor completely ignored him... --K
I was assuming he was invisible to whom he chose to be. --Requiem
but do you think he chose to be to Rin?  After all, she's already been told that the MED had a phoenix - has she actually ever been seen to see Daedalus? --??Sally (or ChiarkPerson)
I'm *not* the ChiarkPerson!  I'm not even one of the ChiarkPeople!  I just happen to live on a house network run by one of them... who wasn't the ChiarkPerson either!  Sheesh...  -Sally
I know! It's just that while I was pretty sure the comments where from you, they could theoretically have been ChiarkPerson because if you don't sign or log in, you're technically indistinguishable... No offence meant! --AlexChurchill
Have we ever had an instance when /Daedalus was invisible to someone (other than the unobservant serveyor)?  If he could be invisible there would have been no need to run away from the museum officials and switch with Sha'am --K
I don't think /Rin has ever been in the same room as /Daedalus (edit: before), so I have no idea. --Requiem
I think you need a "before" in that sentence.  Which why it was interesting.  We see her thinking about Meg, and see her looking at people, but no obvious response to /Daedalus.  -Sally
n08 n09 n10 q04 h14

Making things difficult pn08

well, that's one way of bringing things into perspective - plus it should give Nikolai something to think about...
and don't you DARE split them up SunKitten or else i'll...i'll... i won't bring you any more oatcakes up next marathon showing --macloud

Hmm, I've gone old and cynical, but TBH if there's such a good reason that Nikolai's perfectly reasonable and sane parents don't want them together, maybe they shouldn't be together.  Personal isn't the same as important, to quote a (not very) old sage... Then again, it would be much more helpful if they actually continued the "treating him like a mature adult" thing to the point of Telling Him the Reason.  Sigh.... - Sally
Not telling people the reasons behind Really Important Things is a long and valued tradition in anime and indeed in much fantasy.... ;) - SunKitten (disclaimer: don't take this as meaning anything WRT PhoenixFeathers ^^;;)

Don't say it! u10

The Journal of Esoteric Biology w03

Phoenix feathers in lingerie?? *sweatdrop* I love the sign: "In case of fire, please turn bright green and head for the nearest door"... I also wonder with /Megaera what the "amusing heresies" might be. Throwaway reference or plot point? --AlexChurchill

Sidetracked h29

Of home, hair and secrets v05

Love love love and fun.  And I'm back, and no one posted anything about the previous two at all?  --Vitenka
I was away in Brighton being blown at, as was another frequent commenter.. And I'm bad at catching up on webcomics. But I love /Yozhik's version of the "<geek> ... </geek>" T-shirts that you see around these days :) --AlexChurchill

Like Ferret Whisky pn09

An odd research subject h30

Wow. Between this and "Sidetracked" above, I come back from holiday and find megahefty plot revelations - although it's been building for a while. /Rin's "I'm missing something" sounds like a blatant scream to the readers, "But you don't have to! All the information is there for you to figure out what's going on now!" So come on, all, let's get our thinking (and cross-referencing) caps on, because we may not have long before the secrets are revealed. The glimpse of /Niea at the end is probably a hint, of some size or other. --AlexChurchill
I think that the thing she is missing is Sha'Am...  --Vitenka {Um, I'll post more in a moment, need to get some foam - my desk just caught fire.}

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