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These are random sketches from various projects and none, collected here because I like updating the site and people indicated they'd be interested in seeing these, but they aren't really gallery material. This page will be updated whenever I remember to do so - hopefully roughly daily, but no promises.

Enjoy ^^ - Sun Kitten

30.11.06. Kite. This is it for now - from tomorrow, the Advent Calendar will be operative for 1st-25th December, and I'll probably take a break after that until the New Year ;)

28.11.06. Kite and Saryth, recent sketch.

27.11.06. Kite, accompanied by a glorious smudge. Looks like ink, but I'm not sure.

26.11.06. Kite again, excited this time.

25.11.06. See, this balances out the abundance of Saryths earlier on.. ^^;;

24.11.06. Upset short-haired Kite.

23.11.06. Short-haired Kite (there are quite a lot of these to come..).

22.11.06. Sketches of Kite with short hair, when preparing for issue 19.

21.11.06. The elephant. Stop laughing, this was hard. Oh, sorry it's late - I tend to lose track of updates over the weekends.

18.11.06. The dragon.

16.11.06. The tiger.

15.11.06. The monkey.

14.11.06. A commission that never went anywhere - anime style animals with hair. This is the lion.

9.11.06. More military designs.

8.11.06. Same character as yesterday, in military uniform this time.

7.11.06. Character sketch from a standalone comic idea.

6.11.06. Cute elf thing with flares. Umm. Very random sketch ^^;;

5.11.06. Quick Saryth costume design sketch (I still prefer Kite's clothes >.< ).

4.11.06. Elf with sword and gormless expression. And many superfluous pencil lines ^^;;

3.11.06. Recent sketch of Saryth, obviously embarrassed by something ^^;; I think I was playing with costume ideas.

31.10.06. Miriam, Rua and Rain, sleepy. More recent sketch.

27.10.06. An old sketch from, I think, the first Amecon. Apologies for the hiatus - I didn't get round to scanning more sketches for a few days.

22.10.06. And Saryth, for the cover of volume 2.

21.10.06. Kite sketch - also for the cover of volume 2.

20.10.06. Aeryn sketch - the basis for his picture on the front of volume 2.

17.10.06. And... yup, more chibis.

16.10.06. Saryth crouching, shot of Kite's head. I like it, but I don't think it would flip very well ^^;;

14.10.06. Chibis (I didn't promise variety. I doodle a lot of chibis ;).

12.10.06. Aeryn again.

09.10.06. Chibis.

09.10.06. All three chibis.

08.10.06. Little Kite. Not sure how old this is.

06.10.06. Aeryn character design, focussing on the hair.

04.10.06. More chibis. Playing with ideas.

03.10.06. More chibi Saryth, action pose :)

01.10.06. Saryth character sketches, from the time I was thinking about issues 13, 14 and 15.

30.09.06. Chibi Aeryn, looking very feminine. Another early character design (a lot of character designs end up chibi. Not sure why).

29.09.06. Kite and Saryth, cosplaying Ella and Verance from Dragon Heir. Verance is both evil and has white hair (a lot of characters seem to have both traits, I've noticed. Maybe it's genetically linked ;).

28.09.06. Aeryn. I think this comes from around the time I was doing his character design, but I could be wrong.

27.09.06. Sketch of Rua's head with his old hair-do.

26.09.06. A cute Utawarerumono-style creature, and Kite and Saryth being sweet. All jammed together on the same sheet of paper.

23.09.06. Chibis - Aeryn, Kite, Saryth.

22.09.06. Kite, with something looking remarkably similar to a fire lizard. This dates from before the pattern on her clothing was established - must be ancient ^^;;

20.09.06. Saryth.

19.09.06. Kite, Megaera and Daedalus, randomly. I haven't started on the Phoenix Feathers sketches yet ;)

18.09.06. Grumpy Saryth.

17.09.06. Saryth and Aeryn, dressed as Sanyo and Kokoaripiku, from Denji's manga "Those who can dance on the feathers."

15.09.06. Ah. This is Rua, dressed as Emma Vieceli's character Furose. Cosplaying characters is fun :)

13.09.06. Brown ink Saryth, full length front and back.

12.09.06. Brown ink Saryth. Head shots.

11.09.06. Brown ink Kite.

10.09.06. Saryth in brown ink and smudges. Bad profile again >.<

09.09.06. More brown-ink-Kite sketches.

08.09.06. Character sketches of Kite, in brown ink. I don't remember what these were for..

07.09.06. More chibi sketches..

06.09.06. And again. I have a lot of these.. ^^;;

05.09.06. Cute sketches.

04.09.06. More cute Saryth.

03.09.06. Awww, inn'e cute? :)

02.09.06. Old-style Kite & Saryth.

01.09.06. Random biro sketch. Artifaxis issue 7 was planned on the rest of this piece of paper ^^

31.08.06. Saryth.

30.08.06. Character design for a standalone story, originally intended for Rising Stars. I'll draw it one day.

29.08.06. Saryth costume design. Still not sure about this one..

28.08.06. Semi-chibi.

27.08.06. Vaguely poster-like old sketch.

25.08.06. Chibi sketch from the events of part 4 of Looking for the Sun.

24.08.06. Putting Kite's hair up. I have a strong suspicion her hairdo is actually so implausible as to be impossible, but I don't have long enough hair to test that.

23.08.06. Saryth.

22.08.06. Old Saryth sketch.

21.08.06. Kite and Saryth chibis galore!

18.08.06. Vampire Hunter D, sort of. At the time, I was playing with the idea of dressing characters up as other characters. Unfortunately, Rua wasn't around at the time, so Saryth ended up with the part, hence the very un-D-like expression on the right ^^;;

17.08.06. Saryth, Kite and Aeryn, montage-type sketch.

16.08.06. Saryth and Aeryn.

15.08.06. Older Saryth sketches.

14.08.06. Saryth as a model for face construction. Plus a cute chibi :)

11.08.06. Kite and Saryth.

10.08.06. A precursor to this image.

09.08.06. Woohoo, foreshortening!

08.08.06. I am getting very tired of having to design new clothes for Saryth. He gets through them far too quickly .

07.08.06. Saryth. Older inked drawings, from back when his bangs were all one solid piece of hair ;)

06.08.06. This was going to be a splash image for Looking for the Sun volume 2. I'm not sure why I never finished it..

30.07.06. Kite. Looks like the run of When I Rule The World sketches is finished..

29.07.06. Selena.

28.07.06. The pencil sketch for my favourite Selena image.

27.07.06. More Eletis. Ew, bad profile >.<

26.07.06. Character sketches for Eletis, one of the two main male characters from When I Rule The World,

25.07.06. My favourite Selena image.

24.07.06. Selena, early character design with different hair colour.

23.07.06. Selena again, with a bit of bedtime reading and some unfortunate ink splodges. The numbers refer to marker colours :)

22.07.06. As a break from Looking for the Sun, this is a character sketch for Selena, the main character in the ren'ai game When I Rule The World, written by Alex Churchill. This will be the theme of the next several sketches... :)

21.07.06. More cute Kite. There are going to be a lot of Looking for the Sun images, I'm afraid.. ^^;;

20.07.06. More Saryth.

19.07.06. Simplified, cutified Kite and Saryth. Intended for a somewhat ambitious project ^^;;

18.07.06. Cute Kite character design. And some random hands. No idea what they're for.

17.07.06. Saryth, somewhat smudged.

15.07.06. Here begin the many random Looking for the Sun sketches. Kite, and Saryth looking up (I keep trying for that angle and it still isn't working).

14.07.06. Nine, a character from an as-yet-untold tale from the same world as the First Story.

13.07.06. Sad Cheszya.

12.07.06. Chibi Cheszya.

11.07.06. Cheszya again, head shot.

10.07.06. Random elf girl sketch.

09.07.06. Odd purple people with weird hairdos ^^;;

07.07.06. Shara from the First Story. Also an old sketch.

06.07.06. Old, old sketch of Shara and Jasmine from the First Story.

05.07.06. Random scared girl with mechanical wings and a sword.

03.07.06. Cheszya, the little pirate girl (gallery), lying on her front. Blue pencil and ink.

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