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"My name is Selena, and I have been chosen to be the future ruler of the world..."

WhenIRuleTheWorld is a VisualNovel written for NaNoRenO 2005 by AlexChurchill, with art by SunKitten. It has a small webpage [here].

You can download it from the [Ren'Ai Archives]. Under Linux, the game requires [python], [pygame] and their dependencies to be installed. It runs in a non-resizable 1024x768 window, or full-screen at 1024x768.
Alex, can I post it in the SweatDrop forum? Or you can do it, if you'd rather :) - SunKitten
Yes, please do :) --AC
[So done] :) - SunKitten

If you downloaded the game in the first week of April 2005, trying to save the game may cause a crash under some circumstances. If this happens, I recommend you redownload the game. The version available for download since April 6th does not have this bug. --AC
I downloaded it after then, and got a save-crashy-bug-thing still. --Edwin


Warning: discussion on the /Spoilers page may be spoily for any or all of the endings. Discussion on this page should be fairly spoiler-free.
([add yours])

You... you are a madman.  I got to the bit about the newspapers and have to go.  I love.  I hate you for making me love the Evil, but I love :)  --Vitenka

I've never played a game in this genre before, and to start off with, I wasn't too impressed - but as the action unfolded I became well and truly hooked. I've now tried each and every choice to see what result it has.....

Of course, it fails the theological soundness test, but I shall hold fire on that to avoid spilling the surprisingly tasty beans for those who haven't yet finished the game. (I think those metaphors are consistent).  --StephenC

What you need is a /Spoilers page, I reckon :) - MoonShadow (who has yet to play it).

Mhm, that was fun :) One thing I would have really liked is a 'back' button - I tend to get a bit touchpad-happy and click past things I didn't mean to... - SunKitten
PgUp? should work --Rachael
Ah, thanks - I thought there might be one, but right-click didn't work and I wasn't keen on guess-the-control :) - SunKitten
Hmmm, did the readme file not come up? It mentions the rollback/readback controls (Page Up / Down or scroll the mouse's scroll wheel).  Guess-the-control should be fairly safe. One that's not obvious is that to toggle fullscreen mode, you don't have to go right-click... preferences... fullscreen... return: you can just press the F key. Try window or fullscreen, and see which looks better. --AC
Hmm.. I thought I read it, but obviously I skimmed it too fast *^^* - SunKitten

heeheee!! I loved this so much. I really  did!! Excellent story and art..*sigh* what really got me were the expressions of the characters and the story idea-so funny and unique! XD..though now I wonder what other endings we could've gotten? --Denji
Yay, thanks! There is one way you could see other possible endings: load it up and play again ;) --AC

I've only just had a chance to play it now.  Nice, and unlike anything I've played before.  Although the comment above about failing the theological soundness test made me expect something more like a combination of Excel and Good Omens. --Edwin

oh this is so cool and has inspired me to make my own. I really want to get all the endings and i LOVE the story. Good job^^-Tali

This game is one third of the reason I discovered ToothyWikiElvenRelations was the other third, and This OuTburst? Has been deleted from your Hard drive for national securitY reasons
...Lamest message from The Agency Ever.
Tell me about it.  - TsundereLightning

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