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[Updating now :)] For comments, click on [List Subpages] or just use the comments box on the relevant strip page. The archives are [here] ^^

Ooooh This looks interesting ^w^ - Mimi
Hurray, you found it! Thank you :) Please check back in January - it'll start updating from the 4th ^^ - SunKitten

Awesome! By the way lovin' the new style ~_^ - Mimi

D: The comment box won't work for me so I'll post what I was trying to say here: 'Yay! I waited up for this! That background on the last panel is gorgeous, I love it! And colour too!' - Nattherat
Ack, I'm sorry! I put your comment in anyway ;) You can edit the box straight from the wiki, as it happens - check out the dated subpage of this page (if that makes sense!). But anyway, it'd be good to sort that out. Which browser were you using, and what URL did you go to? Oh, and it may have been a leetle bit of broken html *shame* - if you don't mind, could you try again and see what happens please? Thanks ^^ - SunKitten
I use Safari, and the URL I used was the main page, https://www.toothycat.net/apoc/ :D I'll try another comment now - Nattherat

Comment box failed for me as well, but then I logged on and it worked.  Not sure if that's connected or not.  Firefox 5.0 --Kazuhiko
...looks like it hit a spam filter. Will poke through logs to try and work out precisely what triggered it... --MoonShadow

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