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MikeJeggo: Aha! I see a page awaiting creation and feel myself uniquely qualified to create this one.  If my 'creativity' in the matter of puns may thus be named.  (Un?)Fortunately, at this hour, I don't think I can even think of a bad pun.  Let the world be grateful.  But let it know that I will return, and unleash upon it horrors as yet unimagined!! MuHaHa!!

How has a laughing cow got into my puns page?  AlanRoberts!  Behave!

Let's insert AVeryBadPun onto this page, just to keep things on topic.
I went to the butchers the other day, and the butcher said: "I bet you 5 you can't guess the weight of that meat on the top shelf."
"I'm not gambling," I said. "The steaks are too high."
Should 'CowsWithGuns' site be linked from here as well as from SiteOfTheMoment? --MJ

The apostle Paul was known for sending letters and epistles to churches, teaching and giving doctrinal advice.  In several of these, sent from Greece to Asia Minor or vice versa, he set out how the Lord's Supper should be eaten in these early churches, and what ceremonies should accompany it.  He was thus the creator of the first Inter-Continental Patristic Missals.

SeeAlso [Guy Noir: Private Eye], a transcript of a radio sketch packed with an impressive amount of Very Bad Puns.

Would you mid I contribute my own VeryBadPun?? I created it myself, it a fit of unexpected genius [idiocy].

Every fall, all the trees gather together for a potluck, where they hang the harvest's fruits on each other. So one year, they get together, eat Orange's fantastic Swedish meatballs, and begin the passing out of fruit. Apple steps up to the podium, and the others take the apples from the basket and hang them on her, and everything is wonderful. Then, Cherry is the next up, and the other repeat the ritual, delicately placing cherries all over her branches. But when Pear comes onto the podium, the other trees are shocked to discover she is already covered in fruit! Pear consoles the trees, saying,
"Don't worry, I came


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