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By contrast with CategoryComedy.

Click the title to see a list of those Wiki pages which have been identified as holding awful puns.
Or read any PiersAnthony Xanth novel.
Or look at a random page edited by Alex (surname is irreverant)
It's not irrelephant. It's anippopotamus.  And don't you go revering anyone of my surname. --[AC]
IIRC, it used to be Churchill. Who's Mrs. Anippopotamus, and what does AngelaRayner make of all this? ^^;; - MoonShadow
Actually, it doesn't claim to be irrelevent, or irrelephant even.  It claims to be irreverant, which is not a term I have encountered before, but which I presume to be a typo on irreverent?  Although of course, such minor details should never bother the true punster.  MoonShadow, you learn well... >:> --MJ
Ah, yes, typo. Punnish me inkind sirsobliquemadams. Garbled
Asking for punnishment from me, or when I could be the one doling it out, is probably unwise.  I suggest you reconsider... or I shall be forced to pun at you. MuHaHa... --MJ

Kazuhiko has just been told "Last night I dreamt I wrote the Lord of the Rings.  When I woke up I realized I had just been Tolkien in my sleep..."

AlanRoberts, when discussing whether trains grew on trees, came out with this: Have you never seen a train tree?  Well, where do you think branch lines come from?  And the railway wouldn't survive without trunk roots!

This has to be one of the most awful :

Q : "Why can't you eat soup in the Matrix?"
A : "Because there is no spoon."

I'm not sure that's actually a pun, by strict definition.  Though it certainly lives up to the 'induces groaning' part...  --Vitenka

[Puns and Pumpkins core what a site!] -- Garbled

StuartFraser feels he ought to metion the following, which occurred during CURSWiki: Enemy, to a wider audience

ST (Requiem): "He hears their confessions and gives out penance."
-Stuart: "Here, have a flag."
-ST: "No, penance, not pennants."
-Stuart: "I give you a town in Cornwall."
-Senji: "Not Penzance, either!"
-NickTaylor: "Things you wear around your neck?"
-ST: "Not pendants"
-Stuart: "People who are really awkward about this sort of stuff?"
-*ST gives up and dissolves in 50-50 solution of cringes and giggles*


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